Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CUC 2008 Review- Judging the Experience


Just starting to get back into a groove after a solid nationals experince. I will have reviews for all of the divisions, but first I wanted to focus on the non-ultimate add ons that help make or break a tournament experience.

What I Liked
  • The volunteers were great. Really. I know everyone says that no matter what, but I mean it.
  • The water supply for all fields was constant and of good quality
  • I didn't like the lack of free field food, but I did enjoy the quality of food sold. One particular business at GAP fields had a great soup and sandwiches.
  • The website was great.
  • The tournament manual was great
  • I heard good things about the tournamanet party, shuttle, and field food. Unlike Toronto, people claim there were hearty amounts of food for all.
  • The fields were relatively decent and acceptable for nationals play. Yes, there were some fields that had baseball diamond infield for
What I Didn't Like
  • I would have liked to have seen the schedule and results listed on the upa site in addition to website updates.
  • The showcase game (at least the one on friday featuring Nomads and Phoenix took place at the same time all teams played. Thus, these teams didn't get the fan support and interest they deserve.
What I Hated

Due to intense heat for three days and sun burn, I decided to watch the men's finals online with some friends who don't play ultimate, but had great interest. Getting the chance to watch it for free in low bandwith via ultivillage was greatly appreciated.

However, the commentary for the finals (provided by compeitive players) was terrible. Jeters has made a post with regards to it as well. Why did I hate it so much? It's pretty simple:

-They were biased
-They talked about their own friends and their league teams
-They made comments about some girl on the sidelines in a red dress
-They offered no type of intelligence or insight.
-They didn't have a single clue who anyone on Mephisto was (outside of 5 guys)
-They didn't take it seriously

Ultivillage, if you want to be taken serious, get some decent commentators. Selecting players because they are elite players is not a good idea. You have only a few years to nail down the ultimate market before a real online streaming Giant (e.g. Mediazone) wakes up and challenges you, so make your product tough to beat.

Players who commentate, please step up to the challenge. Study the team rosters and know the players. Know their records and their tendancies. Don't make bad jokes, don't talk about your stupid league teams, and don't tell the viewers who you're "cheering for".

Before the legions of fans for these commentators put intheir inflated two cents, watch some real commentators and compare it to the Sunday performance. You'll be hard pressed to find the positive.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Your 2008 CUC Finals


Womens: Stella (Ottawa) vs. Storm (Montreal)
Open: Mephisto (Montreal) vs. Nomads (Victoria/Vancouver)
Mixed: TFP (Vancouver) vs. ONYX (Quebec City)

Also note that GLUM from Ottawa are your national masters champions for 2008.

Should be a great championship Sunday!