Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How Good is Your Reaction Time?


I'm looking forward to the Spring Shootout this weekend. If you haven't signed up.. do so immediately by e-mailing me at steven.trainorATgmail.com

I've been a little slow at the posts lately.. mostly because of the following
  1. Real work that pays
  2. The Spring Shootout
  3. CUPA stuff
  4. I've been reading a lot of stuff. in the hopes of being (more) interesting for the coming months of posts.
I recently submitted two articles to the upcoming spring edition of the Canadian Ultimate Magazine. One article is an updated Talking with Trainor interview of Andrew Lugsdin. The other article was a broad focus piece on the value of Indoor Ultimate in imrpoving one's reaction time.

I won't spoil the article, but I can give you a link that tests your reaction time and might get you thinking/interested in the concepts of bio-mechanics and how it can affect your game.