Thursday, April 10, 2008

UPA College Best Bets


As I plan to watch the Team Canada juniors tryouts this weekend in Ottawa, I start to think about "kids" a little older. Specifically, Canadian universities trying to qualify for UPA college finals.

Having the chance to play spring series with Western, I can say it is very enjoyable. We were relative unknowns (People thought the W on our jerseys meant we were from Wisconsin, which makes no sense playing in Michigan sectionals.) who stole regional births and made a good number of american teams cry.

Every year, this quest goes on with little fanfare. While everyone is talking about Wisconsin as the team of destiny, I would like to identify
  • Which teams from Canada are playing?
  • Which Canadian Teams have the best chance to make it to regionals?
From the outside, I have to think UBC is our best bet to be a strong regionals contender. One also has to note Toronto, Western, McGill, Queens, and a vastly improved Carleton squad.

College readers, give us the scoop!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Death of Q


According to many excellent sources, the open team Q will not be in operation. Marcel Aubut sold the team to Colorado investors... oh wait, that was Les Nordiques. The core of its players will join a coed team with sights set on medaling at nationals in Calgary.

Both Ottawa teams have had excellent rivalries with Q. They have always been fast. They've always played hard. They were a team one could easily respect. They also had wicked blue jerseys for years, but I'm just rambling (Ps- Send me a spare blue Q jersey boys!).

This is the first year after a worlds qualifying nationals, and we're seeing many different strategies being put in place by teams and cities. Q's decision to fold and join a coed team with comp women's players is very similar to Ottawa's Bytown Flatball Club experience.

BFC had a great year, and brought coed success to Ottawa that has not been seen for a very long time. Sadly, they had a meltdown at Ontario regionals lost in the CUC finals and UPA regionals. An excellent team with great talent for the division, but left without reaching their goals/potential.

Do teams built from open/womens to quickly win in coed have a chance? Or, do these teams underestimate the division and the need to build as a team?

In 2008, Can you put together a national level winner in one year?