Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanks for the Love!


48 comments and counting to my first post back. I really enjoyed the heated debate between posters. So much so that I will use this post to touch on the subjects asked/discussed by you.

Phoenix/Firebird Merger- How did it work out?
  • It worked out great.
  • There was lots of movement during the season. Players played up and down throughout the season.
  • I can't believe more teams in this country don't do it. If you won't practice with b teamers because it "affects the level of play", you're clearly short sighted and elitist. And you'll pay for it later on.
  • I think that although GOAT and GT are not fully integrated... I think they are another model to look at. It's very nice to see good players move through the system...
The University Season
  • Yes, I missed my favorite season and the one that drives my blog visits through the roof
  • Yes, it's too short
  • Yes, U of T won the open title AGAIN and it wasn't close
  • Yes, UBC won the women's title again and it wasn't close
  • Yes, I do think it's important to spread the game to cities and areas that need exposure to ultimate. However, the teams absent from nationals really sent a message to me about being careful about where we put university events.
  • As is often the case, easterns was the true nationals. I was delighted to see Western come one step closer to winning the crown, finishing second to U of T. Now, with Scott Hislop returning next fall from exchange, can he and Mark Lloyd deliver?
The University Season in Canada
  • I still prefer the fall season over spring
  • I like the idea of an indoor tourney or indoor series, it may very well help our team's chances at college series tournaments in the spring
  • I think CUPA will be stepping forward with better direction and better planning in the coming years with regards to the University series.
Competition Committee
  • Qualified persons should definitely sign up!
  • The link via Higy is right here

Bonus: UPA versus Cultimate
  • Nice job UPA, way to sit back and not protect your products and your business
  • The barriers to entry in Ultimate business is quite low. That's an understatement
  • I didn't know much about the National Collegiate Ultimate Association and the people behind it, but I am quite sure they're not that great,,, just an alternative to an existent service that also leaves the consumer wanting.