Saturday, June 7, 2008

CUT 2008 Saturday Update


Quick Rundown of the Canadian teams at CUT:

  • Phoenix goes 3-0 in pool play (beating Med. Men, Colt .45, Upstate NY) and win the play-in to the Elite pool. We (our program) were given a very low seed(12) and have beat it handily now. Quarters vs Boston Ultimate tomorrow morning at 9am. (Hat tip to AA Binks post on
  • No website updates for Mephisto yet
  • Ditto GOAT
Barring a miracle, I expect all three to be in the quarters. Best of luck to all three squads.


Friday, June 6, 2008

CUT 2008


Out "east" (well, not my east but the west's east) a big men's tourney is taking place this weekend.

CUT is a smallish ultimate tournament that focuses exclusively on elite open teams. In its fourth year, it is developing a niche as a good early tourney that brings in some high level squads.

Source: Bruno Avard/

I'll have a full report of the action next week, but I want to throw some imperfect predictions for those of us still in the office.

-GOAT, Truck Stop, Boston and Mephisto in the semis
-Boston with the win over GOAT
-Phoenix to win their cross over and join elite for quarters

Teams should be sure to go to sponsor bars and establishments. If you need something extra, I recommend Dinosaur BBQ chain. Our team claims it to be the best ribs in the state of New York.

Flowerbowl 2008


On a weekend full of big tournaments, Flowerbowl 2008 is the biggest of them all.

The men's pool are missing some of the UPA's finest from Canada and the US. However, the elite pool is full of great club teams (Furious, Invictus, Nomads, Voodoo, and Blackfish) as well as some unknown teams. I will be interested to see how the TFP men (who will represent Canada at the Worlds in the coed division) and the Junior men from the West do playing together.

Expect Furious, Invictus, Voodoo, and Nomads in the semis.

The women's division looks fantastic:
  • Great Britain's women's team for this summer's worlds
  • Team Canada women (Traffic with great pickups)
  • Riot from Seattle
  • Team USA rep and UPA champ Fury
  • Flo from Calgary
  • Team Canada Coed reps TFP women

I have to predict Fury, Team Canada, Riot and TFP women in the semis.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gender Blender- The Best CoEd Tourney in Canada?


Gender Blender takes place this weekend in Fergus Ontario.

Let me just say this straight up: I've never been. The reasons are numerous. I am certainly not against going at some point.

Every year the hype for this tournament remains as high or higher than previous years, and every year people come back happy. This is what I know

-It's an outdoor camping style accommodation
-Each team must submit (for prizes) their team drink for all to sample on Friday night
-The costumes are extreme
-Debauchery ensues. See picture below.

So, is Gender Blender the greatest co-ed tourney in Canada. If not, then which tourney is better and why?

And does anyone even care who wins this thing? TUF results aside, I have no idea who the best coed team in Ontario/Quebec is at this point. Monster? RIP? BFC?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

No Borders 2008


The website for No Borders 2008 is now up.

We are still accepting bids for both men's and women's division, so please make sure to contact me and register your bid.

Some of the best players and teams in North American ultimate history have played in this tournament. They come for the excellent field food. They come for the legendary tournament party. They come for the best fields in the world and the chance to play in front of the fans that make up the 5000 member Ottawa Carleton Ultimate Association.

Tournament Highlights include:
  • Elite power pools featuring only the best open and women's teams in Eastern Canada and the U.S.
  • Ultimate Parks Inc., 19 fully irrigated, lined and maintained ultimate-only fields which will provide excellent field conditions for high level play
  • Local television and internet coverage
  • Exceptional on field amenities provided by sponsorship and local league partners.

Quite honestly, We aim (in the coming years)to make this tournament the elite summer tourney on the east coast outside of Boston Invite, and we look forward to hearing from your team with questions or bid confirmation.

Bring your passports!