Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gender Blender- The Best CoEd Tourney in Canada?


Gender Blender takes place this weekend in Fergus Ontario.

Let me just say this straight up: I've never been. The reasons are numerous. I am certainly not against going at some point.

Every year the hype for this tournament remains as high or higher than previous years, and every year people come back happy. This is what I know

-It's an outdoor camping style accommodation
-Each team must submit (for prizes) their team drink for all to sample on Friday night
-The costumes are extreme
-Debauchery ensues. See picture below.

So, is Gender Blender the greatest co-ed tourney in Canada. If not, then which tourney is better and why?

And does anyone even care who wins this thing? TUF results aside, I have no idea who the best coed team in Ontario/Quebec is at this point. Monster? RIP? BFC?


higy said...

Where's the love?


When I saw you had a post on this tourny, I thought I would see you there this weekend.

Definitely something you should experience. And there's always a couple of teams from Ottawa making the trip (what is the drive like 3 hours?)

Mark your calendar for next year!

elstagio said...

Been to Gender Blender once (Was crazy. For those who where there, its the year we watched game 6 of the Stanley Cup final between Tampa and Calgary......and the land shark). I have to go back again one day.

A similar tournament on the Québec side is called: "Chez Memphré". If Gender Blender represents the firt outdoor tournament of the year, Chez Memphré comes late in the summer/fall and represents a nice way to play with friends one last time before winter.

To answer your question: for both tournaments, I think your main goal is to rank top-8 after day-1. Sunday will always depend on how well you and your teamates did the Saturday night.

In "la belle province" I would put my money on Onyx (former Q, Mauvaises Herbes, disc'hords,etc.) and Gecko (same core since many years + a few great pick-ups)

T1000 said...

A favourite tournament, for sure. But trying to captain a team at GB is like driving a dogsled pulled by drunken cats.

Vernon's Ultimate High Fest is very similar in style and attendance, though without the drinking games. Mind you, their homemade cookies are mysteriously popular-- just saying. The level of play is higher than at GB because its date does not conflict with major open or women's tournaments.

Jesse said...

Yeah, it's a bit fun.


Hodge said...

Ahhh Gender Blender. Definitely the best party tournament I have ever been too. Although I've only been once, it was memorable and I will make it back one day. Friday night is such a great atmosphere where the liqour is flowing and the party does not stop! I don't think anyone could have a bad time there :)