Friday, June 6, 2008

CUT 2008


Out "east" (well, not my east but the west's east) a big men's tourney is taking place this weekend.

CUT is a smallish ultimate tournament that focuses exclusively on elite open teams. In its fourth year, it is developing a niche as a good early tourney that brings in some high level squads.

Source: Bruno Avard/

I'll have a full report of the action next week, but I want to throw some imperfect predictions for those of us still in the office.

-GOAT, Truck Stop, Boston and Mephisto in the semis
-Boston with the win over GOAT
-Phoenix to win their cross over and join elite for quarters

Teams should be sure to go to sponsor bars and establishments. If you need something extra, I recommend Dinosaur BBQ chain. Our team claims it to be the best ribs in the state of New York.

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