Sunday, June 1, 2008

No Borders 2008


The website for No Borders 2008 is now up.

We are still accepting bids for both men's and women's division, so please make sure to contact me and register your bid.

Some of the best players and teams in North American ultimate history have played in this tournament. They come for the excellent field food. They come for the legendary tournament party. They come for the best fields in the world and the chance to play in front of the fans that make up the 5000 member Ottawa Carleton Ultimate Association.

Tournament Highlights include:
  • Elite power pools featuring only the best open and women's teams in Eastern Canada and the U.S.
  • Ultimate Parks Inc., 19 fully irrigated, lined and maintained ultimate-only fields which will provide excellent field conditions for high level play
  • Local television and internet coverage
  • Exceptional on field amenities provided by sponsorship and local league partners.

Quite honestly, We aim (in the coming years)to make this tournament the elite summer tourney on the east coast outside of Boston Invite, and we look forward to hearing from your team with questions or bid confirmation.

Bring your passports!


Hodge said...

Nice site. Although one might notice that you have a picture from a CoEd game behind the ERS 20 on the top border. So when did a CoEd division start ;)

Sport Management Steven said...

No coed division. That's what the Mixed Up tournament is for.

Perhaps the picture showed a lady playing in the open division? Or maybe a man breaking through the ranks and playing women's?

sharpie said...

Or maybe the website designer had to use photo's he owned so that he doesn't get sued...


Hodge said...

Dude if the picture is posted on the internet, there is free reign no? Anywho if you need any pictures from Ultypics all you have to do is contact the admins and I'm sure they will give you permission to use any of the pictures.