Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness- Something to Learn From


It's the NCAA division one basketball tournament. March Madness, as I am sure most of you know full well. Most of my readers are from North America and have their own brackets and pool predictions. (Note: My overseas readership is at the point that I may have to reach out for some articles as a way of saying thanks)

I personally love this part of the tournament, when unknown players and teams upset heavily favored stars. Players draft values will be heavily weighted based on a mere 1-4 performances on this tournament. Players like Sean May (pictured) can play/win their way into the first round of the NBA draft, despite the fact that they clearly lack the NBA body for their position. Likewise, good players can have a bad game and be tainted.

Back to ultimate, watching the Madness today I wonder the following:
  1. Why are upsets much more common in the NCAA than in CUC or UPAs? Maybe I need to do some research and might be way off, but it seems UNC or Memphis could fall a lot easier than GOAT or Furious
  2. Do you think that CUPA should set up non-betting bracket challenges for CUC and CUUC? Would you welcome this challenge and do you think it would be popular?