Monday, October 15, 2007

UPA Championships 2007- Inital Seedings Posted


I say nation despite that fact that, according to google analytics, I have quite a few american and non north american visitors to the site on a daily basis. I definitely appreciate the viewership.

The initial seedings for each division are up on the UPA site. Here is the list of divisons and teams. Canadian teams in bold, with an asterisk.

  1. Jam
  2. Sockeye
  3. Johnny Bravo
  4. Furious George *
  5. Sub Zero
  6. Condors
  7. Boston Ultimate
  8. GOAT *
  9. Ring Of Fire
  10. Rhino
  11. Double Wide
  12. Truck Stop
  13. Chain Lightning
  14. Machine
  15. Pike
  16. The Van Buren Boys

  1. Fury
  2. Riot
  3. Brute Squad
  4. Zeitgeist
  5. Capitals *
  6. Safari
  7. Backhoe
  8. Ozone
  9. Small Packages
  10. Mojo
  11. Wicked
  12. Lady Godiva
  13. Box
  14. Layuma
  15. Loose Cannon
  16. Ambush
  1. Shazam Returns
  2. Mischeif
  3. Slow White
  4. Brass Monkey
  5. Amp
  6. Mental Toss Flycoons
  7. Tandem
  8. Rival
  9. ICE
  10. Barrio
  11. Bad Larry
  12. Chewbacca Defense
  13. Axis Of C'ville
  14. Black Molly
  15. The Poodle Club
  16. Bashing Pinatas
  1. Troubled Past
  2. Old and In the Way
  3. Bigs
  4. DOG
  5. Mileage
  6. O.L.D S.A.G.
  7. Above and Beyond
  8. Surly
  9. Ironwood
  10. Miami
  11. REAL Huck
  12. Boneyard

Sunday, October 14, 2007

CUUC 2007- Final Recap- Women's


While the final rankings haven't been completely filled in on the UPA score reporter page, we do know that a new national women's championship has emerged at the Canadian University Ultimate Championships.

It's a familiar face/school/logo though. The UBC A women's team won the rights to be called university champs as they soundly defeated McGill 15-4 in the final. UBC's A team went 10-0 in the tournament, and did it in a convincing fashion from start to finish.

The final rankings (that we know of from this link) are as follows

  1. UBC A- Deserved champions who we hope will travel east the next time nationals occur there. A matchup between Ottawa and UBC A would be very exciting
  2. McGill- Bridesmaid for a second year. Both the men's and women's programs had a great season.
  3. Queens- Defeated Victoria 9-5 in the 3rd place game, and had a solid tournament
  4. Victoria- Beat seed, played tough and played the dark horse team role to a T.
Other notes include:
  • Simon Fraser continuing to build on their first wins of the year with a win over Alberta, finishing in either 5th or 6th place
  • Toronto falling farther than anyone imagined. Having said that all weekend, I have to salute the squad that attended, and I am cheering that they won the party
  • Alberta not living up the the high seed, but have several wins to lay claim to.

Once again, congrats to UBC A on their national championship. I would like nothing better than participants and fans who watched the action to share their thoughts.

CUUC 2007- Final Recap- Open Division


Congratulations to Toronto/Torontula/University of Toronto, who successfully defended their national title with an undefeated long weekend in Vancouver.

Toronto, who defeated Cinderella squad McMaster in the semis, defeated UBC's A team 15-11 in the final to capture national bragging rights. Making the trip across the country and defeating Vancouver's best college players might make title number two even sweeter than the first. In my opinion, it definitely takes away some of the intimidation factor for other east teams in future nationals.

Here are the final results
  1. Toronto
  2. UBC A- This finish is awesome for any team but the Thunderbirds
  3. McMaster-(Yet another thriller 11-10 win over McGill in the 3rd place game)
  4. McGill
  5. Alberta- Great Sunday for the Edmonton crew
  6. UBC B- A 6th place finish after being relegated to Saturday consolation play is solid
  7. Victoria- Definitely a fall from their original seed
  8. Queens- A tough weekend for the Mothership that will pay dividends in future years.
  9. Saskatchewan and Simon Fraser (TIE)
  10. Ottawa and UBC C (TIE)
Kudos to all the teams who traveled to participate. If any readers were present please post your comments of send me an e-mail of your take on the tourney.

I hope ulti village has some footage for all to see.

CUUC 2007- Sunday Morning Update


Here's a brief update on both divisions. There has been some excellent score reporting , I don't know who did it, but kudos to him/her/them!
Open- Saturday Pool Play

Power Pools
Pool E
  • Toronto goes 3-0
  • MUT/McGill goes 2-1
  • Alberta goes 0-3
  • McMaster goes 1-2, having a one point victory over Alberta, and a one point loss to McGill.
Pool F
  • UBC A goes 3-0, shutting out Saskatchewan, giving up just one to Victoria and winning 13-6 over Queens
  • Victoria goes 1-2. They lose to UBC A and Queens but beat Saskatchewan
  • Queens goes 1-2. They beat Victoria but lose to UBC A and Saskatchewan.
  • Saskatchewan raises havoc and goes 1-2 also. The win on universe point, defeating Queens 12-11
Consolation Pool
  • Ottawa disappoints and goes 1-2, losing both games by two points.
  • UBC C goes 0-3
  • UBC B goes 3-0
  • Simon Fraser has a great day, going 2-1
Open- Quarter Finals

It does not appear that any crossovers occured. Thus, the quarters went down as follows:
  • Toronto beats Saskatchewan 13-9
  • McMaster continues its surprising weekend by beating Queens 13-10
  • McGill beats Victoria 13-8
  • UBC A thumps Alberta 13-4
Semis are now
  • Toronto versus McMaster
  • McGill versus UBC A

Women's-Saturday Round Robin Pool Play

  • UBC A goes 8-0
  • Toronto goes 1-7
  • McGill goes 6-2, losing only to UBC A and Victoria
  • Alberta goes 2-6
  • Queens has a great Saturday and goes 6-2
  • Saskatchewan goes 4-4
  • Simon Fraser goes 3-5
  • Victoria is the shocker of the tournament, going 6-2. 8th seed my a$$.
  • UBC B continues to pick up experience, falling to 0-8 after the pool play

Semi Finals

The best teams have emerged after 8 games. The semis are as follows.
  • UBC A takes on Victoria
  • McGill takes on Queens