Sunday, October 14, 2007

CUUC 2007- Final Recap- Women's


While the final rankings haven't been completely filled in on the UPA score reporter page, we do know that a new national women's championship has emerged at the Canadian University Ultimate Championships.

It's a familiar face/school/logo though. The UBC A women's team won the rights to be called university champs as they soundly defeated McGill 15-4 in the final. UBC's A team went 10-0 in the tournament, and did it in a convincing fashion from start to finish.

The final rankings (that we know of from this link) are as follows

  1. UBC A- Deserved champions who we hope will travel east the next time nationals occur there. A matchup between Ottawa and UBC A would be very exciting
  2. McGill- Bridesmaid for a second year. Both the men's and women's programs had a great season.
  3. Queens- Defeated Victoria 9-5 in the 3rd place game, and had a solid tournament
  4. Victoria- Beat seed, played tough and played the dark horse team role to a T.
Other notes include:
  • Simon Fraser continuing to build on their first wins of the year with a win over Alberta, finishing in either 5th or 6th place
  • Toronto falling farther than anyone imagined. Having said that all weekend, I have to salute the squad that attended, and I am cheering that they won the party
  • Alberta not living up the the high seed, but have several wins to lay claim to.

Once again, congrats to UBC A on their national championship. I would like nothing better than participants and fans who watched the action to share their thoughts.

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