Sunday, October 14, 2007

CUUC 2007- Sunday Morning Update


Here's a brief update on both divisions. There has been some excellent score reporting , I don't know who did it, but kudos to him/her/them!
Open- Saturday Pool Play

Power Pools
Pool E
  • Toronto goes 3-0
  • MUT/McGill goes 2-1
  • Alberta goes 0-3
  • McMaster goes 1-2, having a one point victory over Alberta, and a one point loss to McGill.
Pool F
  • UBC A goes 3-0, shutting out Saskatchewan, giving up just one to Victoria and winning 13-6 over Queens
  • Victoria goes 1-2. They lose to UBC A and Queens but beat Saskatchewan
  • Queens goes 1-2. They beat Victoria but lose to UBC A and Saskatchewan.
  • Saskatchewan raises havoc and goes 1-2 also. The win on universe point, defeating Queens 12-11
Consolation Pool
  • Ottawa disappoints and goes 1-2, losing both games by two points.
  • UBC C goes 0-3
  • UBC B goes 3-0
  • Simon Fraser has a great day, going 2-1
Open- Quarter Finals

It does not appear that any crossovers occured. Thus, the quarters went down as follows:
  • Toronto beats Saskatchewan 13-9
  • McMaster continues its surprising weekend by beating Queens 13-10
  • McGill beats Victoria 13-8
  • UBC A thumps Alberta 13-4
Semis are now
  • Toronto versus McMaster
  • McGill versus UBC A

Women's-Saturday Round Robin Pool Play

  • UBC A goes 8-0
  • Toronto goes 1-7
  • McGill goes 6-2, losing only to UBC A and Victoria
  • Alberta goes 2-6
  • Queens has a great Saturday and goes 6-2
  • Saskatchewan goes 4-4
  • Simon Fraser goes 3-5
  • Victoria is the shocker of the tournament, going 6-2. 8th seed my a$$.
  • UBC B continues to pick up experience, falling to 0-8 after the pool play

Semi Finals

The best teams have emerged after 8 games. The semis are as follows.
  • UBC A takes on Victoria
  • McGill takes on Queens

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