Saturday, October 13, 2007

CUUC 2007 Saturday Update


Just giving a quick update on the men's and women's divisions. Some surprises and some expected results as the teams head into Saturday play.

The top 8 teams held their seed. The results and schedule can be found here.

Here are the details within each pool:

Pool A
  • Toronto holds seed and goes 3-0. They beat UBC C and Saskatchewan easily, and survive a relatively close game with Alberta (13-10).
  • Alberta goes 2-1. Of note is their win over Saskatchewan, eking out a 13-11 victory.
  • Saskatchewan goes 1-2, a disappointing result given the tight games they played against Torontula and Alberta. However, they manage to stay in the Saturday power pools.
  • UBC C was not the giant killer they hoped to be on day one. 0-3, and they scored less than 5 points in all of their games.
Pool B
  • UBC A holds seed and goes 3-0. They beat McMaster 13-8, they handle UBC B 13-4 and then crush 2nd seed Queens 13-1.
  • Queens goes 2-1. They win a very close game versus McMaster, winning on universe point 15-14. They beat UBC B but then lose to UBC in an embarrassing defeat. Were they playing possum, having already moved on to power pools?
  • McMaster goes 1-2. Had they won on universe point with Queens, they would have pulled off a huge upset. This team has really improved this year.
  • UBC B goes 0-3. Probably the toughest pool on friday, and they will have to do well on Saturday to get a backdoor chance at quarters.
Pool C
  • McGill/MUT goes 3-0. They have a strong day, and their toughest game is against Ottawa, who has seen their zone before and obviously benefited from that.
  • Victoria goes 2-1. They get tripped up by McGill and their system, but they get the job down versus Ottawa and Simon Fraser
  • Ottawa goes 1-2 and beats seed to finish third in the pool. They fared poorly versus Victoria, but they win a close game against Simon Fraser. Sadly, a big day still finds them outside the power pools, but they still have a back door chance.
  • Simon Fraser goes 0-3, falls to fourth in the pool, and is still looking for their first win on Saturday. Not quite ready for prime time in their first nationals (At least in many years).
Thus the Saturday power pools look like this

Pool 1
  • Toronto
  • MUT
  • Alberta
  • McMaster
Pool 2
  • UBC A
  • Victoria
  • Queens
  • Saskatchewan
The weak pool is as follows. (I assume the top 2 finishers will get a crossover opportunity at the end of the day)
  • Ottawa
  • UBC C
  • UBC B (Will they be able to beat the C team?)
  • Simon Fraser

The women's tourney is set up as a two day round robin, with quarters at the end of day Saturday and the rest of playoffs on Sunday.

The schedule is posted here

Here is each team's results

  • UBC A goes 4-0, and gives up just 2.5 pts per game.
  • Toronto goes 0-3 and loses to the top seed, the fourth seed and the seventh seed. A very dark day for the female spider squad.
  • McGill has a strong day, but still finds themselves at 2-2. They give UBC A their toughest challenge (13-6). The beat SFU and Queens, but fall to 8th seed Victoria
  • Alberta goes 2-2 on day one. They fall to Queens and Saskatchewan, but they beat UBC B and Toronto.
  • Queens goes 2-1. They beat Alberta and Simon Fraser, but they lose to McGill. It seems like the Martletts have the Mothership's number this year.
  • Saskatchewan finishes day one with a 2-1 recored. They muster little effort in a loss to UBC A, but defeat Alberta and UBC B
  • Simon Fraser goes 1-2, but looking at the scores, one sees a lot of hope for this team. They lose to McGill and Queens, but the games were very close (11-8 and 10-8 respectively). They pick up their first win of the entire calender year with a 13-2 trashing of Toronto
  • Victoria goes 2-0. They should have a third game versus SFU to report, but it is not listed online currently. Regardless of the last game, 8th Victoria shows it's a team to be reckoned with, and their low seed is no detriment.
  • UBC B goes 0-4, having a tough day. Through losses to Saskatchewan, Alberta, Victoria and UBC A, they fail to live up to the UBC depth hype. Most painful game- Getting bageled by the A team.

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