Friday, March 6, 2009

Canada Ultimate Magazine #2


Newest edition of the Canadian Ultimate Magazine is out on virtual news stands everywhere.

As I previously said, I submitted two articles- one was an updated interview with Lugsdin and another was a intro to Time Pressure. I tried to keep it simple in both, but I hope it was enough to be interesting to others.

Spring Shootout MVP Presentation (Photo by

Before the next issue, I was looking for some feedback on upcoming articles and posts. What should I be looking at or researching to interest you the reader?

Here are some of my ideas
  • Concept of Refs in Ultimate
  • The answer to building up Canadian tournament quality and attendance
  • College UPAs
  • Sexiest women in Ultimate March Madness Bracket :)
  • ?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Deadline Day!


It is NHL deadline day. It should be a national holiday in my mind..

I'm at home watching.. Feel free to post your comments on trades and ideas about what teams should do!

I like the sens move thus far (Leclaire and re-signing Kuba)

Hot sites to check out today besides mine

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ottawa Spring Shootout Review: Fast but not Furious


The first Ottawa Spring Shootout took place this weekend. The picture gallery is available here, with special thanks to Rene Champagne for his time and ability to shoot photos in the dome.

The goal of this tournament was very simple: Have an open indoor tourney in mid February that brings the best open and college in Ontario and Quebec together. It's good for relations between cities, it's good for college guys to experience, and it should be a kick in the proverbial pants for those of us who need to realize more off season work is needed. 3 hours of sub on the fly at an open level pace of play is definitely a workout in February.

Teams were split up with the hopes of being fair and also to take advantage of existing rivalries. Luckily, the general consensus is that these goals were realized. The final time slot featured an all star game with pre selected "stars" and players who played their way into the tourney (MVPs of their round robin team).

Team three, despite trailing in the midway point in all of their games, managed to go undefeated and win the tournament. The team roster was as follows:

Jeff Lindquist
Colin Green
Mike Davidson
Dave Brook
Brent Gerhart
Tim Nardy
Jason Grant
Ahmed El Sidani
Sean Harkins
Rahil Suleman
Steven Trainor

One player was selected as an all star from each team an given a swank new VC jersey compliments of tournament sponsor VC Ultimate. These players are:
  • Peter Hook
  • Dave Hennigar
  • Seth Sazent
  • Aaron Kucherawy

The all star game was played out to much fanfare, with a very large number of females present to encourage the players and direct them to the after party at Barrymores. Hopefully we help raise some much needed funds for the Ottawa lady Gee Gees UPA run this spring.

All Star teams were as follows:

All Star Team 1
Derek Alexander
Jamie Craig
Billy Alexander
Ken Alexander
Scott Westwell
Brent Gerhart
Rey Arteaga
Sean Harkins

All Star Team 2
Colin Green
Jeff Linquist
Luke Phelan
Mike Wronski
Paul Cobb
Marc Pepin
Rahil Suleman
Shaw Dungate
Tom King
Aaron Kucherawy

Finally, Kevin Korecki and I would like to thank our sponsors for the tournament:

VC Ultimate
Red Bull

We look forward to seeing everyone at the event next year!