Friday, March 6, 2009

Canada Ultimate Magazine #2


Newest edition of the Canadian Ultimate Magazine is out on virtual news stands everywhere.

As I previously said, I submitted two articles- one was an updated interview with Lugsdin and another was a intro to Time Pressure. I tried to keep it simple in both, but I hope it was enough to be interesting to others.

Spring Shootout MVP Presentation (Photo by

Before the next issue, I was looking for some feedback on upcoming articles and posts. What should I be looking at or researching to interest you the reader?

Here are some of my ideas
  • Concept of Refs in Ultimate
  • The answer to building up Canadian tournament quality and attendance
  • College UPAs
  • Sexiest women in Ultimate March Madness Bracket :)
  • ?


higy said...

I liked both articles and love the sharks jersey!

T1000 said...

On the note of building Canadian tournament attendance, I'd like to advertise that the bid proposals for CUCs, CUUCs, and CEUUCs are now up:

And for the first time, bids for the college championships (where the problem is at its worst) must detail specific strategies/incentives to encourage attendance. That is, attendance is now something that organizing committees are expected to actively and creatively address.

It's not an overhaul of the system, but I'm hoping we'll see committees starting to think about sponsorships, media, and other incentives to bring more teams to the tournaments.