Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ultimate in Canada merchandise fundraiser... Can a logo get you sued?


First the push on behalf of a college/university team looking to raise funds for another UPA college run...

The Lady GeeGees ultimate team is selling unique "Ultimate in Canada" merchandise for the month of March. Partnering with VC ultimate, the team will be selling short ($15) and long-sleeved t-shirts ($20), sweatshirts ($35), and sweatpants ($25) at OCUA leagues and via email.

You can check out our blog for more information - http://uicmerch.blogspot.com/

Now.. the question for discussion. If you look at the logo chosen for this promotion, you'll notice it's very similar to the Hockey Night in Canada slogan and logo.

I'm no expert on trademark and copyright infringement. However, I know some sport organizations (the IOC) seek out and serve any organization that uses their logos (or even the word Olympic) with a prompt "Cease and Disist" letter. They don't mess around, and I'm sure the CBC hates the thought of people taking money from their one true cash cow. (The CBC tells every government and CRTC committee on amateur sport that hockey revenue pays for all the other sports you see on the public network).

So the poll question is "Will the Ultimate in Canada promotion attract legal trouble"? I'm assuming that the majority of you will join me in saying no, but at what point of popularity will ultimate teams, leagues and companies start having to watch what logo or trademark phrase they use?

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