Tuesday, September 4, 2007

All Star Team- Canada Open

Lets have some fun.

According to my poll (see right), few people think that Furious George should dismantle and reconstruct their team based on the the very best players from across the country. This notion doesn't make a lot of sense, for many reasons such as:

  • Tryouts would be a logistical nightmare
  • Practice time with such a team would be very limited
  • It would be a huge slap in the face to Furious players left off the team.
However, outside all of these many real problems, the concept of picking such a fantasy team seems pretty exciting.

So if the concept of naming an all star team, based on 2007 performance in open, was given to you, who would make your team? Could you have representation from every CUPA region? What teams have the highest number of players? How does one construct a team?

What makes someone an all star?

Let the debate begin. Submit your 14-20 man roster, or nominate some non Furious guys who deserve a look come selection time this off season.

Let's try not to bash. Let your picks stand on their own merit.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Labour Day Frisbee Championships.. Ladies Update

Women's Elite

As seen by clicking on the link above, Results for this women's tourney are in short supply. Very frustrating for the fans. However, according to this VUL post , the games were played and a champion was crowned.

  • Traffic beats defending UPA champion Fury 14-12.
  • Riot over Zeitgeist in the other semi, 15-10
  • Vancouver's own Traffic loses to Riot, 12-10.
In other Canadian news, Capitals make their first appearance at the tourney, tracking all the way from Toronto and Ottawa. Unfortunetly, the team is missing some key players, and doesn't have the first day that they would have liked in terms of wins/losses. Despite this, they manage to finish 5th, beating Brute Squad to finish off the tourney.

As with the men's teams, congrats have to be sent to our Canadian women's teams. Inclusion and participation in these elite tournaments will be extremely valuable in their respective UPA championship runs this fall.

Congratulations to Traffic for the semi-final win over the Fury. Along with their National championship final win over Capitals, this has to be a season highlight for them.

Readers, if you have any accurate updates, or saw the games first hand, please feel free to post.

Labour Day Frisbee Championships.. Update

Men's Elite

Wow. A great tournament where Invictus (3rd place at Canadian Nationals) enters pool play ranked last. One of the things that makes Saturday pool play a bit boring in most tourneys is the lack of parity. The top seeds in high profile tournaments usually see little change in rank come the end of Saturday. However, the Labour Day tourney's elite division promised to see close games between all teams. No freebies.

Saturday Notables:
  • Sockeye and Jam both go 5-1 in pool A play, but Jam wins the head to head.
  • Jam then loses to 5th seed Condors.
  • 10th seed Doublewide goes 4-2, and beats Furious
  • A very short staffed Furious (9-11 guys) goes 2-2 on Saturday
  • Invictus loses 3 games 15-10 before dropping to Sockeye 15-3, and finishing 0-4
Sunday Notables
  • Semi finalists are Jam vs Doublewide, and Sockeye versus Johnny Bravo
  • Jam wins the championship, 15-12 over Johnny Bravo.
  • Of note, Jam seems to have added some Condor greats (Greg Husak, Brandon Steets)
  • Furious loses to Johnny Bravo in the quarters, and according to a rec.sport.disc post, one player suffered an apparently serious leg injury. They finish off 3-3 for the weekend with a win over Sack lunch
  • Invictus gets off the snide with a win versus East Bay CA's YR and then loses a close one to the Condors. Final record 1-5.
Very exciting to see Jam come out on top with a win. There has been a lot of talk about Seattle ultimate and their dominant play (and recruiting), but now the UPAs become much more interesting.