Tuesday, September 4, 2007

All Star Team- Canada Open

Lets have some fun.

According to my poll (see right), few people think that Furious George should dismantle and reconstruct their team based on the the very best players from across the country. This notion doesn't make a lot of sense, for many reasons such as:

  • Tryouts would be a logistical nightmare
  • Practice time with such a team would be very limited
  • It would be a huge slap in the face to Furious players left off the team.
However, outside all of these many real problems, the concept of picking such a fantasy team seems pretty exciting.

So if the concept of naming an all star team, based on 2007 performance in open, was given to you, who would make your team? Could you have representation from every CUPA region? What teams have the highest number of players? How does one construct a team?

What makes someone an all star?

Let the debate begin. Submit your 14-20 man roster, or nominate some non Furious guys who deserve a look come selection time this off season.

Let's try not to bash. Let your picks stand on their own merit.


Sport Management Steven said...

I'll get the disc spinning.. without stats, the list is populated by the highlight reel guys.

O line
Jeff Cruickshank- Furious
Jon Hassell- GOAT
Ramsey Wright- Red Circus

Mike Grant-Furious
Andrew Lugsdin- Furious
Scott Stinson- Nads
Erik St Amant- Mephisto

D Line
Dustin Hong-Invictus
Oscar Pottinger-Furious
Kirk Savage-Furious

Jesse Robertson-Invictus
Evan Wood- Furious
Colin Green-GOAT
Brett Taylor-GOAT

Lowell Hepner- GOAT
Morgan Hibbert- Furious
Andy Oucterlony- GOAT
Dave Janssen- GOAT
Jonathan Wooldridge- Furious
Evan Wood-Furious

sharpie said...
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sharpie said...

There must be a typo, I don't see my name there...

O Line
Cruickshank - Furious
Ortiz - Furious
Lugsdin - Furious
Hassell - Goat
Grant - Furious
Hughes - Furious
Alexander - Pheonix

D Line
Pottinger - Furious
Nichols - Furious (WTF is a Bostrich??)
Enns - Furious
Green - Goat
BT - Goat
Cowan - Furious
Hammer - Furious

Savage - Furious
DJ - Goat
Pullen - Furious
Dime - Goat
Maley - Furious
Hong - Invictus
Roberts - Furious
Wood - Furious
Hodgson - Phoenix

Sport Management Steven said...

I like those picks.

-Isn't Al-Bob 44 now (seriously)?
-Only one Invictus guy? That says a lot about how well they play together I guess.

Does anyone know of any Mangina/General Strike guys that deserve serious consideration?