Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Thoughts.. and dispelling Olympic Dreams


I'm off to Vancouver tomorrow to watch some Olympic action live, meet some old COC colleagues. I will try and post anything interesting while I am there.

So far, here are my thoughts as a viewer
  • I feel for the VANOC people that have to deal with the thrashing from hostile media, protesters over weather, accessibility and plain bad luck (Zamboni breaking down yesterday at the long track speed skating oval). When things happen at an event, despite the best efforts, you simply have to solve the problem and take crap from people regardless of how fair it is.
  • At the last Olympics, Canada converted only 30% of the world championships medals they won leading up to the games. The USA converted 120%. This is something that the sport pych. team for Team Canada was well aware of and trying to solve. We'll see how our conversion rate works this time around
  • Jennifer Heil really wanted that gold medal in Canada for Canada. She also wanted to be famous forever.
  • I often find myself reminding others who sigh in disgust at Canadians who finished 16th in the Olympics that so many of these events are split second differences that determine final place, and so few of us will ever be 16th best in the world at anything. Makes you think differently.
  • It really seems like the action has been slow... but I assume more events will take place as we enter the first full weekend

The Old Olympic Debate- Sigh.........

It never fails. Every Olympics, ultimate open forums are clogged with "Why isn't Ultimate an Olympic Sport?".

I could go on with reasons why this discussion is foolish. The infancy of the sport in terms of organization/recognition and rules, the fact we're not even really a sport in Sport Canada's mind, the politics of the IOC, the sheer size of the Olympics as it is and the competition to get in.. I digress.

I understand that we have a great sport here, and I know we outsold Rugby 7s at World Games last year and they were just selected for the summer games, but we have to be realistic. Wondering why the game isn't in the Greatest show in the world when you can't find it at any major multi sport games level (Provincial games, national games, etc) at levels far below the Olympic Games.

I feel like a killjoy... so I will throw the dreamers a bone

Did anyone ever think that we would get our first gold medal in Canada by a Canadian in a sport that wasn't an Olympic sport until 1992 and wasn't created formally until the 1960's?

Maybe Ultimate has hope some day.

Monday, February 15, 2010

World Junior 2010 Tryout Information


The recruitment and tryout process for selecting Team Canada men's and women's World Junior teams is well under way. The tournament will be held August 3-7 in Heilbronn, Germany.

The coaches for the mens team are as follows: (teamcanada.jrmen@gmail.com)
  • Kirk Nylen- Head Coach
  • Patrick Mooney - Assistant Coach

Facebook Presence found here

The coaches for the womens team are: (teamcanada.jrwomen@gmail.com )
  • Stephanie Chow- Head Coach
  • Dan Byma- Assistant Coach

Who Can Apply?

If you are born in 1991 or later then you are eligible to represent your country at the World Jr. Ultimate Championships in Heilbronn, Germany (Aug 2-7th).

Applications and details regarding tryouts for Team Canada Jr men and Jr women are now available here:

We encourage all those interested to apply and look forward to seeing you at one of the three tryouts.