Thursday, February 19, 2009

World Games 2009 – Team Canada


The World Games roster was recently announced on the CUPA site.

Selected by a committee (consisting of Andrew Lugsdin, Jeff Cruickshank, Eva Cham, Sherri Madigan, Lara Mussell) that has exstensive World and National experience as players, the 2009 Worlds team is as follows.

Alex Hughes- Vancouver
Andy Ouchterlony- Toronto
Derek Alexander- Ottawa
John Hassell- Toronto
Kirk Savage- Vancouver
Oscar Pottinger- Vancouver
Sam Kennedy - Toronto

Alex Snyder-San Francisco/Fury
Alyson Walker-Toronto
Anne Mercier-Ottawa
Genevieve Dufresne-Montreal
Kira Frew-Vancouver
Vicky Chow-Vancouver

Jeff Lindquist-Toronto
Morgan Hibbert- Vancouver
Nick Menzies- Vancouver
Jenn Kwok- Vancouver
Kate Crump- Ottawa
Val Dion- Vancouver

My Comments/Analysis

  • I think this is a good team, heavily based on the past performances and experiences of some of our country's best.
  • So who are the captain(s)?
  • One of the biggest flaws in the 2005 team was the apparent lack of team chemistry. Given the familiarity of most of these players, that should not be an issue this time around
  • Another major flaw in 2005 was the lack of team height. The small roster sizes for the tournament provide an obstacle to picking a team to handle every situation. I can't speculate on whether this team has enough height until we know the rosters of the other teams.
  • I like the fact that recent college/university stars are emerging on the national scene. To see Kira Frew, Anne Mercier, Sam Kennedy, Oscar Pottinger, Jeff Lindquist and Morgan Hibbert this far denotes a changing of the guard and a lot of hope for future world teams.
  • The three biggest suprises are probably Lindquist, Crump, and Kennedy. The casual touring fan might not recognize these individuals, but I am sure that they will be ready and able to play at this level. Crump is a late starter to ultimate that is a physically dominating presence in both college and Canadian club ultimate. Lindquist (along with Crump) impressed at the Worlds last year in coed. He's a handler that quite literally can run an entire offence and make big throws. Kennedy's star has risen steadily, through McGill and GOAT experiences.
So what do you think? Will Canada win the World Games ultimate title in 2009? Did the selection committee miss someone?