Friday, June 6, 2008

Flowerbowl 2008


On a weekend full of big tournaments, Flowerbowl 2008 is the biggest of them all.

The men's pool are missing some of the UPA's finest from Canada and the US. However, the elite pool is full of great club teams (Furious, Invictus, Nomads, Voodoo, and Blackfish) as well as some unknown teams. I will be interested to see how the TFP men (who will represent Canada at the Worlds in the coed division) and the Junior men from the West do playing together.

Expect Furious, Invictus, Voodoo, and Nomads in the semis.

The women's division looks fantastic:
  • Great Britain's women's team for this summer's worlds
  • Team Canada women (Traffic with great pickups)
  • Riot from Seattle
  • Team USA rep and UPA champ Fury
  • Flo from Calgary
  • Team Canada Coed reps TFP women

I have to predict Fury, Team Canada, Riot and TFP women in the semis.



moses said...

Apparently the Nomads going to Flowerbowl are not the same Nomads of the past. From what I've heard it's going to be a skeleton crew. I think they'd be doing well if they make semis.

It seems that there are more BC men's teams this year than in previous years. I think there's going to be some real competition for BC's 3 bids to Nationals this year. Keep an eye out for the new team from the BC interior (Sofa Kings, I think?) playing in the open division.

In the women's division, there's also Luna Tide (made up of some of the former Crush crew) from Vancouver. It'll be interesting to see how they do. They've picked up some talented new players but have a very tough division to compete in, especially for a new team in it's first tournament of the year.

Bill Mill said...

You think that's a stronger field than CUT, with Boston, GOAT, PoNY, Truck, and Pike as the top 5 seeds?

Rahil said...

TFP Men, Furious, Invictus and Voodoo is my prediction in the mens division.

Traffic, TFP Women, Fury and Riot in the womens. Watch out for the GB womens team though.

Sport Management Steven said...

I don't think the men's elite pool is any stronger than the CUT group.. no.

The women's pool (whihc CUT doesn't have) is looking pretty exciting at FB.

T1000 said...

In the "Elite Open" division, Furious won over Tonka Trucks in the final. Voodoo and Blackfish tied for third. Tonka edged into the final after a barn-burner 17-16 win over Blackfish.

In the "Elite Women's" division, Fury won over Riot. Traffic tied for third with the UK Women, I believe. I might be mistaken.