Thursday, April 10, 2008

UPA College Best Bets


As I plan to watch the Team Canada juniors tryouts this weekend in Ottawa, I start to think about "kids" a little older. Specifically, Canadian universities trying to qualify for UPA college finals.

Having the chance to play spring series with Western, I can say it is very enjoyable. We were relative unknowns (People thought the W on our jerseys meant we were from Wisconsin, which makes no sense playing in Michigan sectionals.) who stole regional births and made a good number of american teams cry.

Every year, this quest goes on with little fanfare. While everyone is talking about Wisconsin as the team of destiny, I would like to identify
  • Which teams from Canada are playing?
  • Which Canadian Teams have the best chance to make it to regionals?
From the outside, I have to think UBC is our best bet to be a strong regionals contender. One also has to note Toronto, Western, McGill, Queens, and a vastly improved Carleton squad.

College readers, give us the scoop!


Anonymous said...

Toronto is taking down a fairly young and small roster to sectionals this weekend, but we've had a better practice and training situation this winter than we've had in the past few years at least, so that should help us. Last year we were eliminated by a less skilled but also better conditioned Kalamazoo team in very poor weather conditions, and with better weather and better conditioning, we've got a chance to come top-3 at sectionals this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Fuck, I suck with commas.

Anonymous said...

UBC Open is one of about 6 teams in the NW region that could grab one of the two spots to nationals this year. It is completely up in the air with all the teams having up and down seasons.

UBC Women, along with Ottawa, are 2 of the top teams in the women's game both should qualify for nationals with relative ease and contend for the title in Boulder.

Joel said...
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Taylor said...

Just an update: Michigan sectionals got postponed till next weekend due to flooding of the fields. Toronto won't be able to send a team. As of last night Queens looked to be doing well, but who knows what Sunday brought. Good luck all.

Patrick Mooney said...

queens qualified for ME regionals by finishing fourth. They were missing alot of there key players and hope to improve on their results next weekend. Congrats to carelton for winning the section in style. Love to see my buddy Andy Corey and Co. taking this team to new heights.

Good luck to both teams at regionals and to U of T at sectionals.

On a side note anybody know what happened to the womens side of things at ME sectionals. I hear it got postponed again but am confused because the mens side played out. Im putting my money on Anne and Alex leading Ottawa to winning UPA nationals this year and am hoping that this postponement setback wont be as damaging to their season as it was last year. Tough it out ladies and make the second trip. Itll be worth it.

jhaig said...

The women's and open sectionals were at different locations. Open was played at Ithaca, women's played at Albany maybe? not sure.

Anonymous said...

Due to the rescheduling of the Michigan Sectional, Western could not field a team. It's really too bad, we had a young and capable squad to make a run.

Yeungblood said...

Dalhousie is sending a squad down to East New England Sectionals, and is looking to do some damage again after placing second last year behind Dartmouth.