Friday, July 27, 2007

Welcome to Canada Ultimate!!

The time has come for a blog dedicated to Canadian Ultimate.

My name is Steven Trainor, and here are my Ultimate vitals
  • I've been playing Ultimate for seven years.
  • I play competitive men's (open) ultimate through the Ottawa Open program.
  • I've also had the chance to help captain and rebuild The University of Western Ontario ultimate program.
  • I created the MAUFO Parliamentarians co-ed ultimate club and was very fortunate to captain and coach many girls and guys who also compete nationally.

Off the field, I have just graduated from Western with my Masters in Sports Management, focusing on Executive Leadership and Player Evaluation . This, coupled with my experience as a management consultant (Undergraduate degree in Commerce), gives me a unique perspective on sport, especially this game of Ultimate.

The Goals of the site are as follows
  • Provide a meeting place and discussion areas for those who are serious about the game and the sport
  • Constructively discuss and review Canadian Ultimate at all levels (International, CUPA, Local Associations
  • Use my contacts to shed light on players and teams at all levels (National , University, etc)
  • Have the same fun as other sites do, with a Canada-wide focus
Looking forward to adding links, posts, and other great mind's input to the site. I am looking forward to Nationals coming up next month!!!



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