Tuesday, August 14, 2007

CUC 2007- Co-Ed Analysis

Congratulations to Team Fisher Price- Co-Ed Champs

I will post the final seedings once they are officially posted on the tournament site. They should already be on there. Transfer of Knowledge PEOPLE!!! It's the buzz word for every other national sport organization in this country.

Looking at the UPA reporter tool, both teams seemed to have an easy road to the finals. Bytown Flatball Club beat rival Snipe in the quarters and cruised to a 15-3 semi- final win over Gecko. Watching this game's first 6-7 points, I was surprised by the final score. Gecko was super fast and was tied 3-3, but weaknesses in their game was exposed after that point.

Team Fisher Price disposed of Monster in quarters before beating Bostrich 15-5 in semi final action. Much like BFC (who finished 4th at regionals and lost to teams such as Snipe, Liquid, and Monster), TFC had a disappointing regionals, yet managed to soundly beat a team in semis that came into the tournament ranked higher.

Despite being the first game on Sunday morning (9:30 AM), there was a huge crowd on hand to watch a much anticipated final. BFC featured well known open players like Dave Milks, Ken Alexander, and Paul Chambers. Their secret weapon all year had been a roster of girls that were young, fast, and caught everything. Shannon Becker, Jaime Boss, Kathryn Pohran, Sonia Komendia, Christine Binne, etc. TFP had a great roster as well, featuring great handlers such as Tiffany Lin and Scotty Hislop ( as PTI announcers say "my boy"!!), and blinding speed from players like Andrea Cheng. Their team talent and youth is quite scary really, given that they have already captured a world clubs championship.

The final score was 17-10 TFP. Many explanations were bandied about. I leave it to you to discuss why the game enfolded as it did.

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