Monday, August 6, 2007

Nationals Open Preview- British Columbia

The Latin Motto for British Columbia is Splendor sine occasu ("Splendour without diminishment").

Vancouver has stood as the standard for ultimate in Canada during this decade. Most notably, the exploits of Furious George have served as the benchmark of other open teams. Ultimate leagues in cities such as Kelowna are growing, and soon these cities will perhaps send teams to Nationals.

This year, Vancouver and the province sends two teams- Furious George and Blackfish.

Furious George

Years Of Existence: 12 Years

Past Results:
2007: Flowerbowl- 2nd , Solstice- >5th (0-3 in Sat Elite Pool Play)
2006 CUC: Did not compete.

Top Players: Andrew Lugsdin, Jeff Cruickshank, Mike Grant

Players to Watch: Former Goat and Queens star player Adam Melnyk, Oscar Pottinger, Morgan Hibbert

Can we all agree that GOAT winning Flowerbowl (and two games versus Furious) was great for the upcoming nationals? If that doesn't happen, is there really a true rivalry?

Let's give the Monkey their due. 3 UPA titles, a world championship title in 2004, a roster full of great players, and years of dominant play.

Far too many people are offering predictions regarding the CUC final. I will say only what we can be sure of- Furious has every reason to have their full squad at CUC and play to win the tourney.

Years in Existence: 2
Past Results:
2007: Flowerbowl- 7th (Elite), Solstice- approx. 4th (Elite B)
2006 CUC: 5th

Top Players: Aaron Koenig, Adam Silverstein, Pat Gatien

Players to Watch: Brad Touesnard


This team may serve as the B team in Vancouver, but by no means will they be second rate at Nationals.

The team has a lot of familiar faces to Ontario and Eastern Ultimate. Kierran McConnell (Grand Trunk), Adam Silverstein (Phoenix), Brad Touesnard (Jerk Factory) and Pat Gatien (SeVen) provide skills to the locals on this team.

Word from the team's results in their second season has been positive. Competing in the ultra tough northwest, Blackfish has competed in the big tourneys and will only benefit from doing so.

Silverstein, a national level fencer, provides well know leadership and is able to lead by example. How this team does against Eastern opponents in the first day of the tournament will be exciting to watch.

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