Saturday, September 22, 2007

CEUUC 2007 Updates

I made it out to see the afternoon games. Great temperature for a September day in Ottawa, but the wind made it a tough day for some inexperienced teams.

I'm hoping viewers can post accurate updates, but so far I can confirm

-Western A goes 4-0, with a win over Queens A. Pool play or not, a huge win for the team, sporting their awesome new jerseys.
-Carleton A goes 3-1, losing a tight one to McGill A. Luke Phelan impresses as a coach on his first day. Comparisons to Bill Cowher are fair. :)

Update: Results
Pool A
(4-0) A1: Toronto (1)
(3-1) A2: Guelph (6)
(2-2) A3: McMaster (7)
(1-3) A4: Western B (12)
(0-4) A5: McGill B (13)

Pool B
(4-0) B1: McGill (2)
(3-1) B2: Carleton University (5)
(2-2) B3: Sherbrooke (8)
(1-3) B4: Queen's B (11)
(0-4) B5: Ottawa B (14)

Pool C
(3-1) C1: Queens-Kingston (3)
(4-0) C2: Western Ontario (4)
(1-3) C3: Ottawa (9)
(2-2) C4: Nipissing (10)
(0-4) C5: Toronto B (15)
-Ottawa goes 3-0, winning a tough and hotly contested one over Toronto A
-Western goes 2-1, faces Ottawa in the morning.

Update: Saturday Results
Pool E
(3-0) E1: Ottawa (1)
(2-1) E2: Toronto (4)
(2-1) E3: Western (5)
(0-3) E4: Nipissing (8)
(1-3) E5: McMaster (9)

Pool F
(4-0) F1: McGill (2)
(3-1) F2: Queens-Kingston (3)
(1-3) F3: Carleton (6)
(1-3) F4: Guelph (7)
(1-3) F5: University of Toronto B (10)
(2-2) F6: McGill B (11)
That's all I know for sure. Hopefully the TD will have the scores updated on UPA tonight, the open pool scores should be here and the women's should be right here.



ps- Ottawa, despite not using the great fields of UPI, is still the standard for fields. Sod Farm is providing a great set of fields for the players.

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Caputo said...

Western women played a great game against U of O on Sunday morning, giving them what looks to be their closest matchup of the tourney. We then went on to play horribly, losing to Queens but finished the weekend with wins against McGill B and Guelph. Great tournament ladies! Ya Western!