Monday, September 24, 2007

CEUUC 2007 Women's Recap- Galloping Gee Gees

CEUUC 2007- Women's Review

Defending national champion Ottawa successfully managed to hold seed and win the 2007 Canadian Eastern University Ultimate Championships.

Congratulations to the Champs!!!

Listed below are the teams in their final rankings order.

  1. Ottawa- C@ck of the Walk once again. Like Toronto A on the men's side, they are the class of their division.
  2. Toronto A- They had very tough games on Saturday and Sunday against the champs. They had some very talented and experience players, but fell short.
  3. McGill A- Outclassed in their semi final with Toronto A, but generally happy with their weekend.
  4. Queens-Kingston- Have to be happy with final finish, but probably would have liked to have scored more in both their semi and their 3rd place game. Their offense lacked punch throughout the tourney.
  5. Western A- When a team like Western loses coed champ/ world junior alum Tiff Lin to injury before the tourney starts, that loss is felt very heavily. However, the 12 women present had a strong Sunday and secured 5th. Equally impressive is the 10-8 loss to Toronto A. Their quarterfinal effort was not their best work.
  6. Guelph- Par for the course.
  7. McMaster- Is the ladies team on the upswing as well?
  8. McGill B- They held Ottawa to 9 points in their quarterfinal. Sadly, they could only score 3 themselves.
  9. Toronto B- Second team beats Carleton and Nipissing A teams. That's a sign of club strength
  10. Carleton- Is there a tipping point to right the ship? Priority number one- more bodies and strong coaching!
  11. Nipissing- Not quite as strong a finish as the men

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