Wednesday, October 3, 2007

UPA Regionals Update-Western Canadian Teams

Western Canada UPA Regional Update

Only one Canadian team from the west remains in the hunt for the UPA crown in both the open and women's divisons.

Furious qualifies but their results this year make another title seem difficult. Invictus fails to qualify, but has a strong showing.

Traffic fails to make it in the toughest regional division. Was their CUC 2007 victory a fluke... are they really better than the Capitals? That question should raise some backlash.. :)

Open Results:
Northwest Regionals: Qualifiers
  1. JAM- Another statement from San Fran. Jam... on your mind!
  2. Sockeye- Defending UPA Champs.
  3. Furious George- Beat Sockeye in semis but lost the 2nd place game... by a lot.
  4. Rhino- Beat some very good teams to grab the last ticket to Florida.
Other Notables
-Invictus (Calgary) does not qualify, finishes 6th. Yet another strong performance to a solid season. Things look good in cowtown as they host CDN nationals next year.
-Blackfish (Vancouver) qualifies for this tournament, but choses not to attend.
Women's Results
Northwest Regionals: Qualifiers
  1. Fury- Looks like they are peaking at the right time. Shout out to former Ottawa player Gen Larouche. :)
  2. Riot- 5 losses all year. 3 to Riot
  3. Zeitgeist- Interesting name. Interesting team to watch @ UPAs.
Other Notables:
Traffic (Vancouver) suffers a close loss in semis to Riot (15-13) and then loses another heartbreaker to Zeitgeist on universe point (15-14). Thus, they fail to qualify.


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Vancouver said...

I've spoken to some Furious players and they said that in the Second game against Sockeye, they were not trying very hard, but merely finishing the tournament after already having a guaranteed spot in Florida. I wouldn't read too much into that second game.