Thursday, December 6, 2007

Poll Result Analysis: Ultimate- Team Game of Game of Stars


Last week I posed a question about the game of ultimate-

Does an Ultimate team with several elite players outperform teams with greater depth?

Here is the results of the poll:
Yes: 6
No: 8
Depends on the Stars: 8

It doesn't get much more even than that (okay, 7/7/7 would be the most equal result). There is really no right answer here.

  • People voting Yes to this question simply pointed out trios like Cruickshank/Lugsdin and Grant who can dominate you on offence.
  • Other Yes voters pointed out that stars can play offense and defence in ultimate, and can dominate on both sides of the disc (I would say once again that it's easier to manipulate star power on offense)
  • People voting No seem to be of the mindset that greater depth indeed carries the day. This becomes more evident at the end of the tournament, and more importantly at the end of a long summer/fall.
Long story short, People should strive to stack their team with stars who compliment one another, and bolster their roster with plenty of depth to lower risk against injury.

If I have to pick stars versus depth, I'll take ultimate's version of KG/Allen/Pierce and go for broke.

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