Sunday, December 16, 2007

Practice Rumblings.. what really frustrates me..


I try to keep this site geared towards the game in Canada, rather than about myself. However, I'm going to let off a rant off . Here goes:

People don't use practice to its full advantage.

Ottawa has an excellent men's league set up this winter. We're getting lots of great scrimmage in, and we're running great drills. But constantly (including players outside of Ottawa I've played with and watched), I see players who don't approach practice in a way that can translate into game success.

Unknown Ottawa Girl
Photographer: Alan Pieroway

  • When you're running a drill, you run it like a game situation. Thus, you don't cheat in the drill in a way that wouldn't work in a real game.
  • Technique is F-ing important.
  • You should not measure a play being good/bad based on the outcome of the play solely. It's really the decision involved AND the execution. If you keep throwing the same bad break throw to someone's shoetops, but it gets caught, it doesn't mean you're onto a great strategy. Conversely, if you make the right play but fail in the execution, that doesn't mean you should limit yourself.
  • There is a difference between running a play/drill right and wrong.
  • I amazed at the amount of times people run drills like robots. Look/Adjust to your throwers/receivers..
  • Those warm-up throws are going to affect your game throws..
Good practice can make perfect. $hitty practice makes less than perfect.


Kevin Korecki said...

I had an expression thumped into me at highschool that that I think mirrors your thoughts here Steve.

"Practice makes permanent."

Nuff said.

Kevin Korecki said...

Now for my other comment...

Rantings about practice somehow warrant the hottie pic that you have included? Oh, wait... I think she's wiping her forehead. She must've been working hard.