Friday, January 11, 2008

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Ultimate... Final Results

-17 votes
-1 Saying we do have a problem
-16 saying we don't

My comments
-Get your heads out of the sand!! :)
-Have you seen the WADA list?
-Should game day enhancers like Sudafed be allowed?


Bill Mill said...

Gladwell on performance enhancers. If we disallow Sudafed, should we allow me to play because I've had performance enhancing Lasik surgery?

Sport Management Steven said...

I think my original post on drugs in ultimate sought to point out how, if we put such testing in place for a random tourney, we would have a lot of positive tests. That view is not shared currently. Steroids and HGH are not full blown in our sport and I won't pretend they are. However, our young sport is developing a culture for supplements, and we'd do well to keep our long term goals (the dream of Olympic consideration loooooooooong down the road) in view.

Damn Gladwell. Such a great charismatic writer, but he has such a tendency to pull the journalist error of quick analysis and oversimplification.

Blink was so good and so disappointing at the same time. His theory of thin slicing was so forced. Tipping Point was better.

Hodge said...

Should the levels of Ibuprofen also be tested? Caffeine? That right there would end the Masters division! There are a lot of over the counter meds that people take in every day life, let alone at an Ultimate tournament. I still stand by my answer of No, there is not a performance enhancing drug problem in Ultimate.

Sport Management Steven said...


Vitamin I, good one.

We could go all day with examples of performance enhancers. Is wearing contact lenses cheating? And so on..

The point was, as stated, we're not WADA ready yet. We have no policies and we're getting to be a more competitive sport.

It might be a critical time to develop awareness of the issue.

sharpie said...

I'm all about the HGH

Sport Management Steven said...

"I want to set the record straight - I thought the cop was a prostitute."

H. Simpson