Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Who stole the Logo? Discraft versus Gaia


Starting to play the game in Ottawa in late 2001, I soon became aware of GAIA Ultimate and their apparel. Their clothes were never hotter, as sales of cleats, clothes and ultimate paraphernalia wasn't just available at local tournaments, it was the thing to do (purchase). The fact that GAIA lost much of its moment due to various reasons (high price, poor service, slow shipping, logistics and distribution, etc) is a different story for a different article soon to come.

Our sport knows the Discraft disc company as well. It's the disc of choice for almost all competitive players in North America. Enough said.

I was looking through an Ottawa based ultimate picture site ( and viewed some pictures of the world beach ultimate championships in Brazil. Among the many great pictures taken by Greg Lays, here is one that left me wondering:

  • Does anyone notice the Discraft signage in the background?
  • Doesn't that logo look disturbingly similar to the Gaia logo?
  • Who is copying who?
  • Has there been some kind of merger that hasn't been discussed in Ultimate and hasn't been posted on either company's site?

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