Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tournament One of 2008: "TUF" but Fair


First tourney for most teams in Upper (Ontario) and Lower (Quebec) Canada. I always love a good 19th century reference.

Let me start by saying
-I'm not going to bring up the nasty incident involvoing a certain GOAT player. Enough was said on the field and afterwards, and I hope if people want to beef thet go directly to the source.

We had a division champ from Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Tourney results can be found here. As I stated before, I believe the object of almost every team and every city was evaluation and development, so the results have to be looked at with that in mind:
  • A GOAT league squad won the open title over Tombstone.
  • Seven from Barrie won the B title, beating us in the final.
  • Stella won the women's title, losing one game on Saturday but looked strong in victory Saturday.
  • Scarlett, who had a very hard Saturday (scoring only 5 points all day) apparently won the B women' s title pool on Sunday.
  • RIP from Montreal, a team that has existed for several years now, managed to take the A title in co-ed.
As for personal experience, I played with Firebird this weekend and had a great experience. I haven't gone 1-2 on a Saturday and been so positive. I personally have to give a thanks to my o line. Whether it is my wunderkid handler partners (Rey Rey and Colin) or my cutters, I have a lot to work with this year.


Despite still being a very tall and fast team, we were missing a few of the very key tall and fast guys this weekend. Sadly, these players missed out on a very good schedule for Saturday teams- Two games against GOAT squads, and one versus Magma.

FB versus Goat 3- 12-6 loss? (?)

A good first game that started off very close. The GOAT squads were full of veteran GOAT and GT players, and that definitely made the game more exciting for me. We had a couple of rookies that dropped and threw away a lot. They were defintiely rattled, but I'm sure when they are stars for years to come in the near future, they won't remember this one.

I personally played so-so, but saw a lot of good things from teammates. Our defence, setting the tone for the weekend, is very good at forcing turns, and less good at scoring on said turns.

Another thing people learned: Throwing deep on a zone with an very good deep player like Andy O is risky business.

FB versus Magma- 13-7 win

Magma is not the same team that crushed us at No Borders last year and beat us 12-10 at nationals last year. This was an excellent game for us where we learned no wins are easy, but that we can put away teams when needed.

Magma defintiely fought hard, and I expect a bigger squad for future tournies. Ahmad El Sidani, a pickup from Ottawa, played well for Magma.

FB versus GOAT 4- 12-7 loss

I really enjoyed this game. It featured us playing against Ottawa native Colin "Kid" Green.

It was obvious that this team had a strategy both in how they played and what they said. I personally want to thank the guys that chirped me early and often. It made me play much better defence (I still need work) and I was very active on offence. I could have done without the constant fouling, but maybe that was their way of saying I can throw. I will suck it up.

More importantly, the team played very well on defence. Had we played this well versus our first GOAT opponent, we go 2-1 on the day. Even our O line can get it back.

A very valuable lesson from this game: Punch it in when you take it away. Good players will score if you let them have it seven times per point.


We knew Saturday night we were playing ROY, our rival since the genesis of time. It made it worth getting up in the morning.

The weather was so windy, it was a crapshoot really. Good experience to throw in those conditions, but not the most enjoyable ultimate

FB verus ROY- 13-7

This was not the final squad for ROY and they will be better.

Our first five points were great. We got some nice upwind breaks. Then we slacked off and realized we can't get away with it.

FB versus Seven- Too Much to Not Enough

Instead of telling you how we struggled agaisnt the zone and made a lot of unforced errors, let me tell you what I liked about Seven from Barrie

-They have strong leadership now with Jesse Robertson and Curtis Kile. Jesse is a very smart player who looks and plays very tough. He also has moved around the last few years (North Bay, Calgary) and always seems to make his team and city program stronger.
-The job Curtis Kile, Pam Chadbourn and others have done with the juniors has been awesome. Worlds 2008 viewers will see one of the Barrie products (Shaw Dungate), but there are more great prospects getting better on every point.
-Despite on chubby red head guy who talks way more than he should, they are very good to play against. Very exciting team.

That's the weekend. Got to meet lots of friends from other cities, but did not get to watch other teams as I had hoped. If anyone has team updates or division updates, let me know.

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Rahil said...

Pheonix looked really strong this weekend. They are going to be tough to play especially when people get healthy. Nice to see Derek back and playing.

Adding the junior handlers to Firebird makes a huge difference. They are only going to grow.