Thursday, June 12, 2008

Who is the Fastest Ultimate Player in Canada?


Speed, by itself, is not the answer to team sport success. However, it looks great, it's easy to scout, and it is highly coveted by those who try to build great teams.

Talk radio is abuzz this week in the USA (Jim Rome Show, various ESPN and FOX sports radio shows) about the hype surronding a 5'5 LSU football player regarded as the fastest man in college football history- ever.
Source: Reuters

Trindon Holliday, a reserve on last year's national championship college football team, just ran an astounding 10.02 100m at a track meet in Sacramento. He is olympic fast, top 8 in the world fast with a time like that.

Whether he can play football is another story. He's a tiny man in the professional sports world. He would be at a very high risk for injury in the NFL, but it's possible he could be a good player.

Could Holliday play elite ultimate? I think so. Well, his speed would kill, but in today's game he would be very short and would have to have a great vertical to overcome his height and dominate.

Which leads me to my real question:

Who is the Fastest Ultimate Player in Canada?

Who's the fastest man? Woman? Fastest per province? When I define speed, I will narrow it down to who you think would have the fastest 100m sprint time.


Joel said...
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Aaron said...

Firstly, speed is important but I think Agility and Strength makes a better running back and receiver.

Secondly, you classified speed as in 100m dash, I'd say Armitage is one of the fastest I've ever seen. But, I think speed in terms of quickness, fast 40 yard bursts are more useful.

Kirker said...

for straight line running - shawn chua.

Taylor said...

From last night's practice it looks like Shawn Chua is also the fastest Goat in a 15 yd "out and back" race.

Sport Management Steven said...

Steven Armitage was a freak, and I am sure he has the CIS track medals at home to prove it.

He was a middle distance runner, and what was most impressive was his acceleration at the end of a run. Truly incredible.