Wednesday, July 30, 2008

MoTown 2008 Results


Detroit's annual summer open and women's tourney quietly went down last weekend. I went to this tournament once in 2006. The good things were the results we had, the teams, the free beer offered (for those who partake) and the quality of the fields. The bad was the fact the tourney almost got shut down by a sheriff/marshall, it was a twelve hour trek, we didn't get water until the afternoon and it tasted of sulphur, and the heat that can't be blamed on anyone. Here are the results.


-Madcow of Columbus pulled a mild shocker and won the title
-BAT and Chicago's Machine took 2nd and third respectively
-Grand Trunk was the best Canadian finisher, going 0-4 on day one in the power pools and then winning 3 games to take 9th on Sunday. Have not played Trunk all season, but I assume they will be tuned up and ready at nationals
-Too Bad was Just Bad all weekend. 0-4 in the power pool Saturday, and 1-3 on Sunday. I find it hard to believe this was the same squad that finished 6th at Borders.
-Roy went 0-4 on day one (Not in the power pools) and ended up finishing 19th. Dissapointing results after a strong No Borders.
-Team of Note: Impulse, an under-19 team from Pittsburgh, went from the 14th seed to 6th place finish. Damn those juniors.


- Unknown local team team called Hooptie takes the crown, beating Madison Jazz in the final
- Canada was represented by PPF from Southwestern Ontario. They go 5-0 on day one and then finish third, losing to the champs in the semis. Still don't know why they choose to go to this tourney over a much better field at No Borders, but they should be saluted for going down and getting results to boost confidence before nationals. They have the athleticism to challenge Stella and Lotus.
-Toronto's Lilly had another tough weekend, going 0-5 on Saturday and losing all games on Sunday as well. I really feel for this team and its players for going through a learning season like this. When your record is 4-19 since June, it's easy to get down if you don't remember that this will be great experience moving into future seasons.


higy said...

Correction: Top Canadian team was not GT but Medicare, a group of coed males from Waterloo.

We didn't get into the power pools for Saturday but went 4-0 and then came back from a 2-7 deficit to jump into the top 8 Sunday morning against the masters team Real Huck.

Sport Management Steven said...

Nice Work.

Did the team have the one and only Mike Moloney?

Darcy said...

PPF chose not to go to your wonderful No Borders tourney as it would have been 3 weekends in a row...Jazz and regionals was before yours and our "big" roster needed a rest. Someone should have made regionals at no borders...
As an aside, we had hooptie 6-2 and ran out of gas with our 10 person roster and lost 15-9.

T1000 said...

"Too Bad was Just Bad all weekend. 0-4 in the power pool Saturday, and 1-3 on Sunday. I find it hard to believe this was the same squad that finished 6th at Borders."

It's Too Bad-- chances are excellent it wasn't the same squad that finished 6th at No Borders.

Rahil said...

Lily went 1-2 on Sunday. 0-4 on Sunday. Their last game was a Universe point Loss to Koi. The Girls seemed upbeat and really give it their all when they are out there.

Sport Management Steven said...


I understand your logic. My gal Jackson has told me several times. I just wonder why you chose an american tourney with none of the very same Canadian teams you have to face at Nationals. In the end, its your call and I respect it.

I don't know why regioanls were dealt with as they were, but I am sure the process will be smoother next year.

higy said...

No Maloney did not make the trip.