Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why don't we have an award for the Top University Player?


Poll question is simple: Should CUPA have an award for top female and top male university players?

And, if you think so, what should be the criteria
-Excellence at the respective CUUC
-Combination of play at regional and national college championships?

How should it be selected?
-Selected by CUPA and tournament director
-Selected by the winning teams of each division
-Based solely on a poll and popular opinion

What should the name of such trophies be?


jhaig said...

I remember in 2002 and 2003 there being an MVP named for the CUUC which in a way meets one of your suggested criteria. I'm not sure if this is still awarded or not.

I'd be open to the idea of a different award encompassing more then just a good performance in the CUUC finals though. I really think that you'd want to avoid a poularity contest similar to the Callahan award though.

Also, including a picture of yourself in a article about potential MVP awards? Bush League Sports Management Steven.

Sport Management Steven said...


You took the bait.. :)

It's not bush league, cause you're in the background. You're the MVP baby!

Also pictured is Scott Westwell on his a$$.

I'd love to see a permanent trophy for each division that is given out each year and publicized.

T1000 said...

Not to mention a subliminal nomination for Luke Phelan in there, too.

Hope everyone over there enjoyed Sectionals. We just got rocked by Sockeye, Furious, and Voodoo (in that order).