Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Hope you had a great 2008 and are ready to have an even better 2009.

Please find to the right polls for individual Canadian awards.


NateB said...

Nothing against Jamie Craig as a player, but I think any of the GOATs that made Team Canada deserve consideration ahead of him. Andy O., Scotty Nicholls and Anatoly Vasilyev all had recognizably better seasons. Heck on his own team, Derek Alexander had a better season.

I am just confused.

JC said...

Yup, have to say I agree with NateB on this one - that Craig guy needs to be removed from the poll - seriously.


Sport Management Steven said...

I added people based on nominations posted on the site, and to me.

He had a big year.

And yes, all of those GOAT guys you mentioned are great too. One could argue that Tolya's huge 2007 year at the college and club level was MVP worthy for last year.

piercing 03 said...
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jhaig said...

I wouldn't worry about it. No ones going to vote for that Jamie guy. He's old and washed up anyway.

elstagio said...

I think the problem is in the Question. "Best Open Player" vs. "Most Valuable Player". In my view the first one refers to pure personal skills. For the second one (MVP), you got to include the impact of that player on his given team.

Should the poll be "Most Valuable Player of Open (...)", Jamie Craig deserves to be added to represent Ottawa.

People that were at No Borders can attest that without JC, PHX might not have won the title......but that, we will never know.

JC's sparks, enthousiasm, leadership and work ethic are assets that all comp player should have.

It's a hard poll to vote, i think.

T1000 said...

Well, the poll is for "Canadian Open Player of the Year," and you're free to ascribe whatever values to that title you like. I would say that a player-of-the-year would be "that player who, through outstanding achievements, personal performance, or contributions to the game, has brought the most honour to himself, his team, and country, in the given year."

In a similar vein of thought, I'd add honourable mentions to Mark Roberts (Nomads/Furious/Team Canada) and Yvan Duvan (Invictus/Furious/Team Canada), who both also had pretty outstanding years.

But let us not digress from the polls. Hey, Steve, what was the Canadian Ultimate Field Food of the Year? Apples . . . or oranges?

I say apples.

Preacher said...

I think you got to add oscar on the list, awesome plays at worlds... huge d's and the sickest pull ever. Plus played a big part with Nomads. also I'm going with bananas