Monday, March 30, 2009

The GAIA Close OUT Sale


It is unlikely, but if you haven't heard, I have some very sad news to report. As reported on this site, GAIA is going out of business and having a clear out sale of all gear.

Regrettably, I think I have missed out on an item that I always wanted - A GAIA ultimate bag. Always wanted one and put it off due to price. I definitely purchased many a jersey, cleat and hat from the company, but held off on the one item people seemed to love having.

Do you have an GAIA regrets? Was there an item you always wanted and didn't get? Or, did you experience cognitive dissonance from buying a GAIA product that didn't last, didn't feel right or didn't live up to the price paid?

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Hodge said...

I really have had no problems with Gaia merchandise. I blew out the first pair of cleats I bought from them and they were replaced for free since it was within 6 months of purchase. I talked to a guy at the Gaia tent at Nationals that year and he asked me if I only used one pair of cleats. They were the only pair I had so of course I used them all of the time. In the spring they usually get soaked, and really needed time to air out. So I picked up another pair for wet weather conditions and haven't blown out a pair since.

Other cleats I have gotten from them died out after a year of play, but realistically playing 4 nights a week and tournaments every 3rd weekend or so I wouldn't expect them to last more than that. I've purchased a couple other types of cleats but would still rather wear the Gaia's. I find they really fit me well, not so much on other cleats I've tried.

In anticipation of last year being the last Nationals I am attending I bought a new pair of G4s with the Elite member 50% discount. I'm super glad I did that now!