Monday, April 20, 2009

Will the Lady GEE GEES gallop to the UPA College Championship?


Here's a round-up of the Canadian schools that have played in this spring's UPA sectionals thus far.

While it seems that we have more mens teams entering into the series, it is yet again the women that offer our best hope to make the UPA College finals. Last year UBC won the championship and we wondered if we would get the chance to see a Canadian championship. UBC seems to have fallen back a bit this year but will be a favorite to return to the finals.

Ottawa's Lady Gee Gees seem to have taken a step forward this year. They enter regionals 18-1
with a major tournament win and an impressive showing at President's Day. They possess high end talent ( Anne Mercier, Kate Crump, Alex Benedict) and a "supporting cast" that could be the stars on many college teams (Sam Morris, Sonia Komendia, Kathryn Pohran, etc).

Can Ottawa win? It seems very possible but their major competition will come from the following:

California-Santa Barbara- Ottawa beat them head to head 15-11 at Centex
Stanford- 1-1 versus UBC, and lost to Ottawa in only matchup.
Oregon- Have beaten every team they have faced except Santa Barbara

As fans, we await the results to happen and hope, for a second year, we have a canadian team at the top of the UPA college podium.

Bellingham Invite- 1-3 record Pres Day Invitational 2009- 4-4 record The Stanford Invite- 2-5 record Women's College Centex 2009- 6-1 record (15-3 loss to Ottawa)
Wash/BC College Women's Sectionals- 6-2 record, finished 2nd and qualified for regionals

Pres Day Invitational 2009- 6-1 record, two forfeits Women's College Centex 2009- 7-0, champions Upstate NY College Women's Sectionals- 5-0 record, champions and advance to regionals

Trouble in Vegas- 6-3 record
Standford Invite- 2-4 Record
Wash/BC College Open Sectionals- 5-2 record, finished 3rd and qualified for regionals

Carleton University
Queen City Tune-Up 2K9- 2-4 Record
Spring Phling- 4-2 record
Roll Call, D.C.- 2-0 record, missing data
Upstate NY College Open Sectionals- 3-2 record, finsihed 3rd and qualified for regionals

Michigan College Open Sectionals- 2-3 (did not qualify for regionals)

Michigan College Open Sectionals- 3-4 record, (did not qualify for regionals)

* Waterloo beats Toronto 11-2 in the 3rd place sunday bracket.. marking the first time in at least five years Toronto loses to Waterloo)


East New England College Open Sectionals- 4-3 record, forfeits third place game and regionals opportunity. (Would be interesting to know what happened).

College Easterns 2009- 4-2
Did not enter into sectionals

Double down tournament champions (Deafeats Michigan. Michigan State)
Did not enter into sectionals.


Steven Tam said...

Let's not get too excited about Waterloo beating Toronto Steve, we went down with about 14 developing players and were essentially only focussing on individual improvement for tryouts. Thank you for keeping track of our last half decade's record though.

Sport Management Steven said...

I was hoping I would get a reaction for that comment, and maybe an explanation. :)

Good for Waterloo for getting some wins this past weekend and their program taking steps in the right direction. Mike Moloney and Carson Turner are exciting players.

AC said...

Whatever results are on Score Reporter for Roll Call are complete - Carleton played 1.5 games before the tournament got canceled.

Queen's was DQ'd from the series. They didn't have their roster completed on time and were denied an extension. Too bad for a couple of their guys who were in their last year.

You can always pull out of the series before Sectionals, the UPA will rarely (never) let you hand in your paperwork late.

jhaig said...

Waterloo still beat UofT in an elimination game; a win is a win. If you're going to put an asterisk next to this win, then there should probably be an asterisk next to all the UofT CUUC titles in that UBC didn't bring their spring roster.

Steve Tam said...

haig, I'm barely going to justify this with a response. UBC played with their full spring roster against us at Nationals in Vancouver. Peace out.

jhaig said...

Point is you can't start calling into question another teams win because "we weren't trying" or "so and so wasn't healthy or wasn't playing." Waterloo beat a program that's beat just about everybody for the past 3 years. And did it on the biggest stage for college ultimate. That's a big win for them, and worth being excited about.

Steve Tam said...
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T1000 said...

Let's not get overly defensive over nothing, guys.

'Tula didn't take the weekend seriously -- by their own admission -- and they lost. That's fine; they still have plenty of reason to be self-confident, and they'll muster more firepower in the future. Waterloo took it more seriously, and capitalized on the opportunity. Good for them. That happens in sports.

It's not especially sportsmanlike to rub that loss in U of T's face, and conversely, it comes off sounding like sour grapes if Tula tries to devalue Waterloo's win. So let's all just walk it off and not get ourselves wrapped up qualifying each others' records. I know I hate it when people do that to me.

Personally, I'm more disappointed in Queen's. I suspect the Athletic Department has been cracking down on 'Ship, so it can't be easy for them, but I still would have really liked to see them in the spring series.

Taylor said...

Let's leave the judging to those who were there. Maybe a Waterloo player can weigh in with their perspective on this one.

If you really want to get technical, perhaps we should have rostered ourselves as UofT B.

Taylor said...

I got an email from Queens at Easter explaining their situation. As far as I can tell it was a matter of them being unsure if they would have enough players to play sectionals. So, they thought it better to delay registering until they were certain of numbers. While this may be a noble approach, as to not inconvenience the TD by pulling out after registering, it's not how it works with the UPA. The system's been in place a while and it's pretty much laid out in black and white. It's unfortunate that it came to being DQ'ed, but certainly not unprecedented.

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

have some class u of t

cg said...

While this is only my personal opinion, and in no way reflects my team, I think T1000 said it best: a win is a win, and a loss is a loss.

Nothing more to sort out or say until the next time these teams play.


Sport Management Steven said...

I think it's great that, whatever the circumstances, someone that hasn't had many wins ekes out a win against a championship caliber program.

And...while it isn't really a big deal in the grand scheme, that result and this thread just make fall CUUC games that much more interesting.

I hope it doesn't encourage teams to change their names to B team or change their names for tourneys where they don't have their best players. I have always disliked that protectionism!

Jeff said...

for the record, i requested a post above to be deleted. so if it was your comment don't give trainor the blame for it he was nice enough to comply.

butler said...

No professional team cares about a loss in the pre-season when you rest your starters. Why is this different?

And since when is cg the voice of reason?

Steve Tam said...

Alright fair enough, a loss is a loss a win is a win. Hopefully the dudes we took down learnt something from the weekend and I hope Waterloo can carry some momentum from that game into the rest of their season. I'm sorry if I stepped on any toes, see you dudes on the field.

sharpie said...

More importantly... The fact that so many people are posting means they care.... Which is more important than a single win or loss, despite any HGH use...

joelb said...
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joelb said...
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Sport Management Steven said...

Removed the last JoelB comment at request of Chess Club Admin.