Thursday, May 14, 2009

Team USA versus College All Star Alums- Who will win?


At the UPA College Finals. Team USA (World Games 2009 version) will face off against a team of College Alumni that once dominated the UPA college finals in their respective times. I personally am a fan of these all star games, and I'm glad to see a canadian named to the alumni team (Kate Crump).

Team USA Roster

College All Stars Alumni Roster tried to discuss this matchup, but fell victim to flammers/slaggers who usually subvert everything useful on that site.

Who do you think will win this match? More importantly, how does our Team Canada match up against the Team USA squad?

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T1000 said...

I think Team USA will defeat the all-stars without too much trouble -- no offense intended.

Tough match-up between Team Canada and Team USA. I think Canada has an answer to each of USA's individual threats, so I suspect this contest will be decided by team chemistry. Canada would be wise not to over-rely on the long game with CK and Kittredge on the field, and they'll need to be prepared for the Jam contingent's "plinko" style.