Monday, June 22, 2009

No Surf 2009 Results, Northern Flights 2009


This past weekend was the Northern Flights tournament. Flights is a great tournament in North Bay, Canada with a long history. The party has always been good, tournament central is buzzing on Saturday afternoon with games of Cups and field dinner action, and the level of play has always been buoyed by local teams, pick up squads of open/womens teams, and club coed teams.

Ottawa Juniors versus Dockers at Northern Flights 2009 (Photo courtesy Thom Ferguson)

It's not as wild as Blender. But it's a lot cheaper and probably has a equal/better level of play

After looking at the team list for this year, I am a little concerned about the lack of club teams signed up for the tournament. Why would so many good Ontario and Quebec teams be missing out on the NoBo experience.

I don't have any official results yet, but I can only assume Dockers finished first, Liquid second, and fun was had. (Note: Please post Results readers!)

No Surf- Open

No Surf is Cleveland's summer ultimate event. Never been, but I would probably like to experience the city and the tournament once in the near future.

On the open side, Canada was represented by Grand Trunk, Too Bad, and ROY. The pools were filled with a number of solid middle upper tier teams from the surrounding areas. For instance, Bear Proof is good team that we played at JazzFest last summer and really surprised us. One cutter from that team (great speed, huge ups for a smallish guy) still haunts our team. :)

Madcow won the open tourney, going 8-0 and beating Haymaker in the finals.

Too Bad went 2-4, beating Toronto rivals GT in Saturday play. Finished in the Top 8.
Grand Trunk went 1-5, but beat finalist Haymaker during Saturday pool play. Finished 10th
ROY goes 4-3, and finishes 19th.

No Surf- Women

On the women's side, Scarlett (Ottawa) and Lily (Toronto) represented Canada on the womens side of No Surf.

Lily went 1-2 on day one pool play and were able to beat Scarlett in the cross overs.

Scarlett went 0-3 in pool play, and lost a close 8-6 game to Lily in the crossovers.

Results of the quarters are not posted yet, but it looks like Scarlett has a very tough match against Karate Chop Action. Lily was set to face BUS, who went 3-1 on Saturday and had barely squeaked by Lily by one point in pool play.


BC said...

As far as I know the top 4 at Northbay was:

1. Dockers (beat Tundra 15-9 in semi)
2. Liquid (beat Disc Graceful 15-13 in semi)
3. Tundra
4. Disc Graceful

I believe other teams in the top 8 were Big Fish, Crisis, Sick Mitts

moses said...

In the West, Solstice was going on in Eugene, Oregon. The results aren't on score reporter so here they are for anyone interested:

Furious - 3W(Blackfish, Invictus, Shark), 2L(Rhino,Revolver). Finished 3rd in pool, tied for 5th overall

Beefshark (TFP men) - 4W-2L(Sockeye, Portland)-

Blackfish - 0W, 5L (Invictus, Furious, Shark, Revolver, Rhino) - 6th in pool

Invictus - 1W(Blackfish), 4L - finished 5th in pool

Flatline - Open division - 1W, 5L - 5th in division

Men's final was 15-11 Revolver over Sockeye

Traffic - 4W (I think), 2L(Seattle Underground, Riot) - Finished 3rd in pool
Zephyr (old Luna Tide) - 2W (Wild Rose, HipaHipa), 4L - 3rd in pool
Wild Rose (Alberta) - ???

Women's final was 15-12 Fury over Riot.

Other notes:
- Revolver looked AMAZING, having picked up Beau Kittredge and some other big players.
- Zephyr is much stronger this year
- Flatline has a much deeper roster and is looking like they'll stick around for awhile
- Blackfish and Furious both have major personnel changes to their rosters
- Invictus has 30+ guys in their program
- Beefshark played Solstice with only 14 guys. I've heard they'll be attending Nats as TFP instead of mens.

T1000 said...

Revolver played very, very well at Solstice. Another of their notable pick-ups was Mack Taylor from Colorado.

FG went 4W-2L (a second win against Shark on Sunday).

Registration for CUCs officially closed June 15. Unless our info isn't up-to-date, I don't think we'll see Beefshark at CUCs.

moses said...

Good correction T-1000. There were probably a few others that I was wrong on...I think I only got the games right for pool play.

As for the CUC deadline, that doesn't really seem to be a hard deadline judging from the past. I know that Nomads last year hadn't met that deadline - they registered later and then won. So who knows if any other teams are still planning on attending.

jb11 said...

nothern flights

5. Sick Mitts (lost 10-7 to Tundra on day one, lost 15-8 to Dockers in quarters on Sunday)
6. Big fish
7. Crisis?
8. ?

Sport Management Steven said...

Thanks for the updates!

Batch said...

I would have loved to go to Northern Flights, but North Bay is just too far from Montreal, let alone Sherbrooke or Quebec City. It is a really fun tournament and a great confidence builder but the level of competition is a little lacking. The top 4 teams are always great, but there is usually a steep drop off after that. And, they got rid of the cash prize.