Thursday, July 9, 2009

June 2009 Canadian Women's Power Rankings


Just as the Women's division heats up leading up to nationals, here are the power rankings.

Photo Source: Lexi Marsh

Criteria (In Order)
-Performance this Year
-Past CUC results and previous year's results

  1. Lotus (Toronto)- Boston Invite champs have looked like a deserving number one seed. Next tournament will be the defense of their 2008 No Borders title.
  2. Storm (Montreal)- 2 tournament titles (WMO and Jazz Fest) with a head to head victory over Stella
  3. Stella (Ottawa)- A so-so Boston Invite with no other UPA tournaments before or after. 2008 CUC champs will have stars Kate Crump and Anne Mercier back full time after world games. This will be a big boost for nationals.
  4. Traffic (Vancouver)- Not signed up for nationals, so they slide a bit in the Canadian rankings. Clearly a strong team.
  5. Wild Roses (Calgary)- Very little data available, as Flowerbowl results are not posted. Is this the same team that posed as Team Alberta and was a top 4 CUC team? 3rd place FLO from 2008?
  6. QUB (Quebec City)- I've heard Storm was trying out new strategy when they lost to QUB in pool play. I don't hear storm making those excuses, and I won't dismiss QUBs steady play at WMO, Boston and Jazzfest
  7. Fusion (Winnipeg)- Will get to see this team play at No Borders this year, and looking forward to seeing what the talent level looks like. As I said with the open rankings, Winnipeg has always had a great junior program, and both open/women's should be able to tap into that.
  8. PPF (Waterloo)- Tough weekend for PPF at Jazzfest, finishing 5th when many thought they might win it all. No team is more likely to come back and find better results for the rest of the summer.
  9. Salty (Halifax)- Up year for Halifax's best ladies team. Excellent Boston Invite, 6th place at Jazz, and have improved their seeding with their play. Have to echo other's positive comments about the committment and dedication of Halifax teams to travel.
  10. Zephr (Vancouver)- Maybe a little underseeded at this point, given their location allows them access to good talent, their ability to play good american teams, and their solid captain (former Stella player Nancy Symons). It's very rare that an ultimate team gets the chance to play under a person who has university championship head coaching experience.
  11. Mystik (Montreal)- Going from an O-for Boston Invite to a dominating pool day at Jazz fest, this team doesn't want the B team label. It doesn't matter if this is their first year, they want better competition and challenges this summer.
  12. Lily (Toronto)- Have to rank them ahead of Scarlett from Ottawa, as they have the head to head advantage this year.
  13. Scarlett (Ottawa)- Ranking two Toronto teams ahead of two Ottawa teams will not be a popular move in my area. If they can improve certain key positions before nationals, they might become a very different (tougher) team to play against at CUC.
  14. Sirens (Regina)- Very little data. 9th at CUC 2008.
  15. Pandora (Saskatoon)- Very little data
  16. Feisty (Toronto)- Definitely going through an ultimate experience both literally (with their Ultimate Experience relations) and figuratively (0-7 record at Jazzfest, ouch), one has to be comforted by the fact that this team allows an entire roster of new players to play club women's. That only benefits Toronto and Canada ultimate.


T1000 said...

Here are the Flowerbowl Women's results:

Wild Rose held their own at Flowerbowl, but struggled in the stronger field at Solstice. For now, I would consider them closely matched with Zephyr.

PS -- I've sent you a couple of things that need your attention.

moses said...

Zephyr vs Wild Rose is definitely becoming a west coast rivalry. Very equally matched teams over 3 games with Zephyr ahead 2-1. (Win in Flowerbowl pool play, win in Solstice pool play, loss in the 3rd place game at Flowerbowl.)

I would expect Zephyr to be seeded higher at Nats than Wild Rose.

Tushar said...

PPF was Darcy-less at Jazzfest as well as a few other players that will be at CUC.