Monday, August 31, 2009

Chesapeake Open 2009 Review- Capital Punishment!


Quick rundown of Chesapeake tourney that happened over the weekend.


Capitals of Toronto/Ottawa had an excellent weekend in Maryland, winning the tournament with a 13-8 win over Boston's Brute Squad.

The team went undefeated in eight games over the weekend. They had two wins over Brute Squad and two victories of Lady Condors of Santa Barbara.

Great start to the fall season for Capitals, as they look to make the proverbial next step at UPA finals.


Very interesting weekend on the mens side. It really seems like the difference between the top 16 teams in UPAs gets less and less each year, leaving for more exciting tournaments.

GOAT of Toronto took 5th place. Their three losses came at the hands of eventual runners up Ring of Fire (North Carolina) in pool play, Truck Stop in crossover and the much touted Revolver of California in the quarterfinals.

Invictus of Calgary went 0-3 in pool play, lost their crossover to Madcow of Columbus and got bounced to the tier 2 bracket. They beat a North Carolina team (X Rates Open) before losing a tough one point game to Forge of Pittsburgh. After some summer struggles, Forge really had a strong weekend, going undefeated and winning the tier 2 crown. Are they an elite team or a middle of the pack team... I'm still not sure after four tournaments this year.

Mephisto of Montreal had a strong day of pool play, going 3-0 before losing their crossover to Forge. They then had a two point loss to Dallas team Grit and a one point loss to Wiretap to finish up the tournament.

The Tier 3 champs were the Replicants from New York City. Goven their strong play all summer, many teams are asking about this team, and here is a brief description summary from Replicant captain Tim MacGougan about the team composition:
  • Some players that are alums of University of Richmond
  • Some DC connection
  • a pretty big Mary Washington contingent
  • a few from Swarthmore and Cornell
  • A little bit of NYC as well
  • No one on the roster past the age of 25!

Clearly, the TD knew his teams well in this division and seeded accordingly. Seeds for the most part were kept in day one pool play.

The number one (AMP) and two (Axis of C'Ville) found themselves in the finals, with the 2nd seed coming out the victor in a 12-10 result. In fact, the top four seeds were all in the finals.


Patrick Mooney said...

ring lost to chain in the finals

Patrick Mooney said...

and caps are making finals this year at UPAs

Batch said...

Are they beating Fury or Riot? Traffic should also be there.

Sport Management Steven said...

Noted about Ring.. upa state clearly states Chain won.

As for the Caps, while I have to say I am really impressed with some of the players being developed, I am wondering how they will stack up with the very strong teams from the West. Fury, Riot, and Zeitgeist specifically.

T1000 said...

Not to put too much emphasis on proxy performance, but beating Brute Squad 13-8 bodes well for Capitals' odds against the western teams.

With the number of turnovers we see even in elite women's ultimate, I think it's anybody's game. The Capitals just have to overcome a mental barrier to pull off the key win.

hads said...

As a comparison, at ECC, Brute beat Zeitgeist 12-7 (also lost in last game 11-7, but after playing a universe game v Riot), and lost to Traffic, Fury, and Riot on Universe point.

I'd say that given our wins over Brute (who had all their key players while we were missing many key players and starters and were running tryouts) our games against those teams will be battles on both sides. Go Caps!

I think if we win Regionals, we should take the fourth seed behind 3 of the 4 west coast teams.