Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CUC 2009 Open Finals-Video Teaser


Here's the end of the 2009 CUC Open Final.

Full DVD will be out soon.


Ti-Loup said...

Quick question : will the mixed and women finals be online too?

BTW, great description of the open game guys....

Hope you'll be commentating CUC 2010 finals in Sherbrooke!

Sport Management Steven said...


I have every reason to believe all three finals will be up, full games, via Hopefully very soon.

I would be more than happy to do commentary in Sherbrooke. I have a feeling the host city is going to do an amazing job next year.

T1000 said...

I watched the Open final teaser and was generally impressed by the videography, the replays, and the commentary. Unfortunately, the videographers demonstrated a queer habit of zooming in on the thrower when the disc approached the endzone-line -- almost as if they were expecting a running play. It meant that the viewers missed a lot of the endzone play, or even the scoring pass.

It will probably take some time yet before videographers learn the best way to cover an ultimate game.

jhaig said...

I would assume, correct me if I'm wrong Steve, that the guys running the various cameras were the same crew that would normally be covering a Blue Bombers game and had likely never seen Ultimate before. Considering that, it was well done, but I agree that at times there were close-ups that took away from the viewing of the game.