Monday, September 21, 2009

Sectionals Weekend Review- Canadian Teams


Rundown of the results for the Canadian teams this weekend.

2009 Upstate NY Club Sectionals


  • Goat goes undefeated and wins the section as expected
  • Phoenix plays strong all weekend and loses 15-11 in first place game to Goat. Manages to hold off Medicare to secure 2nd
  • Medicare continues their strong summer/fall season with a 3rd place finish and a tight match versus Phoenix.
  • Black Ace disappeared from schedule, and Firebird made the semis despite going 1-3 on day one. Not sure what was going on in day 2.
  • No other results yet, so we're not sure how Sunday played out for the other teams or who advances to regionals
  • Capitals goes 2-0. They shut out Albany E-Z Pass and beat Starkist from Waterloo 15-3
  • Starkist shuts out the Albany squad
  • Both Canadian teams advance to regionals
  • MONSTER of Toronto has a.. well Monster weekend with a 5-0 record and a narrow 12-10 victory over a strong Rochester team (Kung Fu Grip)
  • Bytown Flatball Club manage to take the back door route and upset Tundra 15-13 to take the final spot to regionals
  • Tundra is done for the season barring some spots opening.
2009 Wash/BC Sectionals

  • Furious George goes undefeated in pool play, beats Voodoo in semis, loses in the 1st place game to Sockeye by a score of 15-10. They then regroup to crush Voodoo 15-6 for 2nd
  • Beefshark goes 3-1 in pool play, scores an impressive 8 points against Sockeye in the semis, but then trips up to Seattle b team Voodoo to finish 4th.
  • Blackfish goes 2-2 in pool play and wins their 5th place game. They qualify for what will be a very exciting regionals.
  • Flatline falls flat on Saturday (0-4) and loses a tough 15-13 game to Downpour from Seattle and goes home early. Will not qualify for regionals.
  • One day round robin tourney format, everyone gets to regionals
  • Traffic of Vancouver goes 2-2, with disappointing losses to Seattle teams Riot and Underground.
  • SFU Clam go 1-3, upsetting Bellingham squad Apartment Eleven.
2009 East New England Club Sectionals

  • Red Circus qualifies for Regionals
  • As predicted, Tufts and Brown college squads are tough and upset Halifax on day one pool play
  • Circus then goes on a big Sunday run. They beat RIO, Slingshot, and then get revenge over Brown to garner 6th spot.
2009 West New England Club Sectionals

  • RIP of Montreal goes 3-1 in pool play
  • Gecko from Sherbrooke goes 4-0 in Saturday games
  • RIP then crushes Gecko 15-6 in the semis
  • RIP beats Enough Monkeys (New Hampshire) to claim 1st
  • Gecko then works their way back to defeat Enough Monkeys and take second
  • Both teams from Canada qualify for regionals
  • Mephisto from Montreal goes 5-0 in pool play, but loses first place to Bodhi before winning 2nd spot over Chuck Wagon
  • Demon goes 3-2 in pool play but the wheels fall off in the playoffs. They lose both games and finish tied for 7th.
  • Magma has a 2-2 pool play day but have the same two loss meltdown in the playoffs. They tie for 7th.
  • Crimson from Montreal has a tough weekend, winning only one game. However, it's probably excellent experience for the players on the team who may or may not play for a school I can't mention for reasons related to school club rules. :)
  • Storm of Montreal goes 3-0 in pool play, and then wins their 1st place playoff game versus Middlebury Lady Pranksters 13-5.
  • Storm qualifies for regionals


homrbush said...

According to rsd, there are 2 open spots in NE Open Regionals, plus the inevitable withdrawal of DoG to Masters Regionals. I would think that Medicare has a great chance to make it 5 Canadian teams at Regionals.

Dalhousie said...

DoG's withdrawal means that the 7th placed team from ENE goes to sectionals. That's how it worked last year, and according to the ENE sectionals website that is what happened. Good call on Tufts and Brown but having played in the tournament we beat ourselves. Tufts and Brown played well and punished Circus for making mistakes. It was the first really poor tournament day for RC this season.

Taylor said...

If I recall correctly it was 15-10 GOAT in the finals (I was sidelined and filming so I had nothing better to do than know the score). If scorereporter says differently I may be wrong, but you can't always trust it.

T1000 said...

It's going to be a very exciting NW Regionals. Sockeye and Revolver are expected to fight it out for the top seed. Furious and Jam are expected to meet for the 3rd seed, but Rhino, Voodoo, and End Phase have all shown darkhorse surprise potential in the past. PRZYBILLA is a mystery to me, but they've come out of the woodwork to prove they're even better than Rhino.

Dalhousie said...

T1000 I've got to agree. The Northwest looks incredibly strong this year and it's hard to look past them for favourites for the title this year. Chain, Ironside, Ring, and Bravo have all had strong tournaments but there are going to be 3 really strong teams coming out of the Northwest. Should be really sweet.

westwell said...

With regards to Firebird making semis, that's what happens when Cornell and Syracuse both go home and withdraw from Pool B on Sunday. A1 vs. B2 and B1 vs. A2 for semis. One could argue that it was unfair for Western and Thruway from Pool A, but that's the way the seeding went.

GOAT vs. PHX: 15-10 is correct.