Monday, October 19, 2009

Ravens Soar, Gee Gees Gallop to CUUC 2009 Championship


Ottawa is the proud home to both the mens and women's 2009 Canadian University Ultimate Champions.

Open Results
Finals- The University of Western Ontario Sharks vs the Carleton Ravens.

The Sharks dominated their pool and power pool matchups. The Sharks gave up no more than 7 points in 7 pool games, including a 14-7 win versus Carleton on Saturday. Their wins of Torontula and UBC (14-12) brought their 2009 win streak to 17 heading into the final.

Carleton made it finals after winning a nail biting 13-12 semi versus Queens. They had won 9 of their first 10 games in this tournament, losing only to the Sharks on day 2.

In what is being described by both sides as a great final, Carleton had an outstanding game and took the national championship with a decisive 15-11 victory over Western.

Congratulations to everyone who helped develop this program in Ottawa and helped bring this championship to Ottawa. Team roster is below:

Tobiah Abramson
Reynaldo Arteaga
Ryan Bauer
Joel Bellavance
Neal Dawson
Gerrit De Vynck
Shaw Dungate
Brad Fackoury
Brent Gerhart
Mat Goodkey
Jan Gorski
Jason Lobb
Karl Loiseau
Christian Mahaffy
Eric Mazzei
Devin McCabe
Tim Nardi
Colin Purdy
Bryce Ring
robert schmidt
Joshua Tai
Rene Toupin-Piper
danny vanwilligen
Kielan Way
Tyler Zandbelt

Womens Results

Womens Finals- Ottawa Gee Gees versus McGill Martletts

From the outset of the tournament, this bracket seemed to be (at best) a five team race for the national championship.
  • Ottawa
  • UBC (depending on who/how many players came out "east")
  • Montreal (Upstart rookie team)
  • McGill (Constant contender)
  • Guelph
Ottawa entered CUUC 2009 with a 36-4 record this season, having not lost to a single Canadian team all year. Outside of a close 11-8 win over UdeM Diva in pool play, Ottawa moved quickly and easily to finals.

McGill entered the finals off of a big win over city rival UdeM in the semi finals. In winning 8 straight games at this tournament, McGill showed they were a worthy finalist and the strongest challenger to the Ottawa machine.

In the end, Ottawa won the title with a 14-9 victory over the host Marletts squads. Ottawa finishes 2009 with an astounding 44-4 record for the calender year, and sets their sights now on the UPA college series in the spring of 2010.

Team roster below...

Chanelle Pratt-Johnson
Jenna Atchison
Viviane Bartlett
Shannon Becker
Anita Benoit
Eloise Clement
Laura Evgin
Danielle Fortin
Stephanie Gobin
Louise Guolla
Angelia Hughes
Marie-Andrée Imbeault
Brianna Jaffray
Meghan Kane
Sonia Komenda
Julia Laforge
Kylee Letourneau
Stephanie Mandal
Chantal Mayotte
Anne Mercier
Ariane Morissette
Samantha Morris
Lauren Murphy
Aline Pfefferle
Kathryn Pohran
Gabrielle Robineau-Charette
Vanessa Scharf
Tayla Sedgwick
Kaylee Sparks
Michelle Warren


lank89 said...

Congratulations to Carleton on a great final. You guys played an awesome game and deserved to win yesterday.

I'd also like to shout out the UBC guys who despite having 8 guys played hard every point this weekend. Them making the trip despite such low numbers is awesome.


westwell said...

nice photo of the men's final you included, steve. finally, evidence that the bryce can win a battle in the air; otherwise, i never would have believed it.

not meaning to beat a dead horse, but congrats again carleton for bringing home the gold.

Batch said...

I'm not convinced Bryce won that battle.

joelyb said...

the bryce won that.

higy said...

Yep he did :(

Hodge said...

Sure he won that battle, but does it count? Higy plays CoEd during the touring season ;)

Kidding aside, great work Ravens and Sharks, sounded like a great game by two teams that have made huge strides over the past few years.

Sport Management Steven said...

I'm always thought:

-Bryce Ring was underrated for the past few years

-Ottawa has too much mindless slag talk

This comment thread does nothing to disprove these two ideas.

I think what we're all trying to say congrats to Ring and the rest of those damn Ravens!

higy said...

Does it count as slag talk if it's coming from a masters player?

Sport Management Steven said...

"Leave Britney (Derek) ALONE"!!!

Ha Ha

Hodge said...

Does it count as slag talk from a Master's player? Higy, that's all that Master's players have, please don't try to take that away from me. I've spent a lot of time recently with P-Mo trying to perfect this aspect of my game :)

Who said 'The Bryce' was underrated?

karmic balance said...

Observer observation - the open final, though closely contested, was well spirited in my opinion. Players accepted observer decisions that didn't go their way and both teams resolved several situations without going to the observers in a calm, levelheaded manner. This doesn't mean there wasn't emotion, but it was a relatively clean game in my opinion.

westwell said...

let me be the first to admit that i have been humbled by the bryce (and many many other players) on numerous occasions. i have played with him for the past, what, four summer seasons? he is not underrated. he is funny, often a goofball, but not underrated.

Druski said...

Seconding the observer observations: both teams were very sportsmanlike in the final and respectful of the other team, calls and rulings. This in spite of an intensely fought game and a number of close calls (had to resort to the dreaded "do-over" on some of them, but mainly a function of just how close some of the calls were).

Observing was a lot of work due to the calls and the sheer speed with which the play moved at times, but was nonetheless enjoyable due to the attitudes of the players, energy from the sidelines, and sheer quality of play. Some absolutely ridiculous plays by both teams that had my jaw drop a few times (e.g. Carleton's callahan, the shoulder-high layout grab to make the score 14-11 (I think), and Higy's circus catch on Mark Lloyd's blade into the endzone). Fun game to watch, congrats to both teams!

Yeungblood said...

Congrats to all the teams in attendance for a phenomenal tourny, and to all the teams in the finals for putting on such a great show for the spectators. It was fun to watch! Thanks also to the tourny organizers! I also agree the Bryce is not underrated. Looking forward to next year's CUUC!

Taylor said...

Not the place for this, but oh well...

Can we get a UPA preview for Canadian teams? I don't know anything about Psychopastique (sp?). Seedings and pools are out and things are looking good for GOAT.

brentgerhart said...

Fun game to play. Thanks to Western for a hard fought game and the observers for their dedication and understandable calls. Thanks to everyone who made the trip to support Carleton or players who were done for the tournament and decided to help as much as they could on the sidelines. This was definitely a great experience that I will not forget.

T1000 said...

Psycho would be mostly Edmonton types dating back to U of A's heyday. Their UPA roster will almost certainly have Seb Toth and Jen Nicholls on board (the former was playing with Mephisto at CUCs, I believe). Both played for Team Canada Open and Women's in 2008, respectively. Steve Pearlstone and Rob Brunelle are also mainstays of that crew.

Druski said...

Psycho also has 3 pickups from Winnipeg for the fall series: Jared Lehotsky and Aaron "Dobber" Dobson, both from Chaos, and Scott Warwaruk from General Strike. Good set of pickups there. Having Jen Nicholls back for fall this year (she played with Psycho at CUC this year, but last fall with UPA mixed champs Mental Toss Flycoons) also bodes well. Their performance in Sarasota could depend on who can make it, but with everyone there I suspect they could easily move well up from their 9th seed going in.