Monday, October 5, 2009

UPA 2009 Regionals Review- Monkey Plastique in Traffic!


Some Regionals have already been played last weekend. Some great news, some good news, and some sad news for the three Canadian teams active.

Psychoplastique of Edmonton rose from their 8th place seed to finish in 3rd place and qualify for UPA Finals in the mixed division. This might be the first time a co-ed team from Canada has made it to UPA finals in this decade. Unbelievable. In the next few weeks, I'll do my best to find out more about the team and their makeup heading into their Sarasota debut.

Traffic of Vancouver finished 4th in their regional tournament and qualified for UPA finals. After being beaten by Fury and Underground on day one, Traffic had to make a huge backdoor run to get to the 4th place game. They then got revenge on Underground and took the last bid to Florida.

Also of note in this tournament was the defeat of San Francisco's Fury (featuring ex stella player Gen Larouche) by Seattle's Riot. For years FURY has been unstoppable and had the edge over Riot. However, Riot has registered 3 victories this season over Fury, sparking some excitement about the possibility of a new UPA champion.

Canada's most storied program, Furious George of Vancouver, finished 4th in their Northwest Regionals, missing UPA finals by one spot and for the second consecutive year in a row.

Ironically, Furious fate was the exact reverse of Traffic's- They beat defending UPA champion Jam in pool play, but lose to Jam in the 3rd place game to go.

Is it better to be in the best ultimate area in the continent and not make UPA finals, or to face weaker competition all year and have an easier trip to Florida. That's a topic being thought and/or discussed in Vancouver this week.


homrbush said...

A big reason for the possible Fury-Riot power shift is Gwen Ambler switched sides this year.

T1000 said...

Gwen Ambler is a very strong influence on her team, beyond a doubt. Interestingly, though, I didn't see her at Regionals. I don't believe she played in this particular match-up.