Monday, October 26, 2009

UPA Finals 2009- Masters and Mixed Preview


Due to time constraints, the Masters and Mixed previews will be brief.

Results here.

Canada is represented by GLUM. GLUM is fresh off one of their biggest victories ever- A regional championship with not one but two victories over legendary Death or Glory. Mentally, this might be a huge barrier removed for Ottawa.

In their regionals victory and their National championship, the team has been very quick to attribute their success to their defence and their new cutters, who have provided the speed needed to get open and provide easy looks.

A UPA championship is possible, but GLUM will have many tough games throughout the tournament. A team to watch will be Double Black of Colorado, who was one of the few squads to play in open tournaments through the summer and defeating strong club team Blackfish during the Colorado Cup.


Results here.

As stated, Canadian finally has a UPA finals participant in this division and the team is looking forward to the challenge.

Psychoplastique finds themselves third in their four team pool. They will face the defending champions (Mental Toss Flycoons) on day one and will look to build on the previous head to head matchups with them.

More importantly, they must beat both Barrio (AZ) and BCBC (CA) in order to stay in the power pools and remain alive for quarter finals.


n said...

I'm thinking the Beyonders look pretty good. Seem to be recently retired Condors - so used to Open and still young-ish...

homrbush said...

Hey Steve, your Masters schedule link is for Mixed.

Also, live streaming of UPA's at

j-ray said...

Beyondors… Lots of guys from the 2000 and 2001 Open championship teams. Steets, Husak and Yarbrough (I think?) all won Open with Jam last year, plus Lobue was on Bravo. Husak and Steve Dugan won Worlds Masters last summer in Vancouver.

But I don't think any of the U.S. teams will be wanting a match-up with GLUM. Dan-ge-rous. So many great pick-ups this season added to a core that has made it to Sarasota 5 out of the last 7 years.

Steve… I believe Psychoplastique can work their way back in through pre-quarters even if they drop out of the power pools, no?

Daniel said...

If I was Glum, I wouldn't want to have to play against Beyondors. Looking at their roster on the UPA site they have at least 8 players who played in the Worlds Final in 2004 and about 12 guys who won UPAs in 2001 and Club Worlds in 2002. Steets, Husak and Yarbrough won UPAs last year with Jam. No one can match the big game experience/relative youth that these guys have.

But it is Masters after all... it all comes down to how gracefully most of these guys have aged.

Hodge said...

Thanks for the props J-Ray. We'll be doing our best to bring back some hardware!