Thursday, November 5, 2009

Goosebowl 2009 Review


Last weekend, Goosebowl 2009 quietly went down.

Once a very big coed tournament, the number of teams were down this year (12 from previous years of 30-42 teams) but I'm sure everyone in attendance had a good time.

Toronto club MONSTER emerged as this year's champs.


Fantusta said...

Thanks for the press -- we hope Goosebowl will begin to grow again soon, with good weather ahead (we're owed it, after the last few years of downpouts!)

Sport Management Steven said...

I hope you will too. When the weather cooperates, you have good fields and a convenient location to draw people from Montreal/Ottawa/Toronto.

Costumes are always interesting too.

T1000 said...

I really thought the whole point of Goosebowl was to play in biblically inclement weather.

Greg King said...

Last year the weather was chilly but absolutely fantastic otherwise (no snow, no rain) and there were still only about 16 teams. Although the year prior I know it was a complete mudbowl.