Monday, November 23, 2009

The Potential WFDF Under 23 Tournament- Name the Roster


As you may know, there have been rumblings about WFDF holding an under 23 world championship. The original rumor was that it would be held in 2010, but this seems unlikely. Hosting a tournament that would run in the same summer as world clubs (Prague) and world juniors (Germany) does not make sense. It is rather late for planning purposes (picking a site and running the event in less than 12 months) and it would use players who are possibly involved in both of the other two events.

2011 looks like a more realistic possibility for an under 23 tournament. Currently, we await to see if it will happen.

In the meantime, we can speculate as to WHO would be on the team Canada roster for an under 23 world championship team.

So, my challenge this week to you readers
-Post me your top male and female under 23 (as of 2010) players, top 7, top 10, top 14, etc
-Describe their roles on the team and why you picked each player

Upon collecting a list of players, we will either put the player list to vote or just general discussion.


soniak said...

I would love to see the following 3 girls on the women's under-23 team:
1) Rachel Moens from Storm & McGill Ultimate. HUGE backhand AND flick hucks.
2 & 3) Audrey St-Arnaud and Jessie Grignon Tomas from ONYX. Both are ridiculously athletic and fast, with big throws and smart defense.

jordomeron said...

tiff lin and andrea cheng

lank89 said...

i can throw a few names out there in the open side of things.

If it is in 2011 im assuming that means the oldest year of eligibility is 1988 births?? thats what im going on

John Norris of Furious, played Blackfish the year before (2008) and is a great handler. Prob would be an o-line handler

Andrew Vogt of General Strike, also plays for Harvard Red-Line and won the 2008 Northeast Freshman of the Year, played on the 2006 and 2008 (injured) World Junior teams. Also o line handler

Sean Brooks of General Strike, usually been an o-line player, but i think with and under 23 team you dont need to put him on your oline and can let him go shut down the other teams best player

Cam Harris of GOAT. keeps getting better every time i see him, played o-line for GOAT so i dont know why i would want to change that.

Rey Artega (sp?) of phoenix, too bad he didnt make the juniors team in 2008 because he is an amazing defender, he always seems to make the play that gets his team really fired up. I would use him to shut down the other teams reset handler

Jared Lehotsky played Chaos this past summer, but will hopefully be playing General strike this upcoming one. One of the most athletic players i have ever seen, he can shutdown anyone and then own them on the turn.

Adrian yearwood GOAT, also gets better everytime i see him play. Super athletic great defender and has some big throws on the other side of the disc.

i realise this is gonna be super long so i will post a few more names of ppl i think should be there.

Cam Burden General Strike
Thomas Black GT
Keyfitz GT
Aaron Liu UBC
Ryan Sun UBC

jordomeron said...
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jordomeron said...

may sound biased since i'm only naming western players butttttt....

anndrew watts and scotty hislop (if eligible.. both 88s)

jordomeron said...

... and lloyd haha go western

Goosebowl said...

Ernie Lin and Richie Tam.
Both live on the West Coast, but play with Queen's during the school year. Ernie played Canada Juniors a couple years back... two very underrated handlers.

Jan said...

Colin Purdy, he's all you need.

joelyb said...

Seconding Colin Purdy,

also Graham Preston, hes chinese.

Patrick Mooney said...

andrew carroll deserves a mention. he is the youngest player ever to make goat and he probably has 4 more years of eligibility

Cam said...

Dan Dantzig would deserve to be there as well

lank89 said...

i meant to mentiona the mule andrew carrol but i got flustered by how long my post is...not only will he dominate the tournament..but he will also dominate international realtions...mooney knows what im talking about

Sport Management Steven said...

I'll nominate Jordan Meron. We need more girls list/nominated!!

In my post I said to nominate anyone under 23 by 2010. So, for the sake of generating names, let's say

-Anyone under 23 in 2010
-Anyone 23 or younger for 2011

jordomeron said...

Erica Tucker of Lotus... great handler, big hucks and great throws... and the little teeny bopper is only going to get better.

I could also see Taylor Rusnak on the team... she's been dealing with injuries but when she is on her game shes a great cutter especially against a zone. (i hear she's been handling lately though.. ew..)

Merk said...

Okay, I'll bite... though it's heavily east coast since I don't keep up with west coast news... so I'm sure there are many more worth naming.

If the tournament is in 2010 ('87s and younger)
- Alex Benedict: big throws, great handler, agressive on O and D. Played for uOttawa for 5 years, Stella, Capitals, Jr Worlds 2006.
- Alexa Kovacs: speedy cutter, great hands. Jr Worlds '06 player, played a few seasons of comp. womens.
- Maddie Hall: She's been away from the ultimate scene for a few seasons now but if she's in shape, she'd be a really dominant cutter. Jr. Worlds '06, Capitals '07.

If it's in 2011 ('88s and later)
- Sonia Komenda: uOttawa, Stella, Capitals. Dominant in the lanes when healthy, both on O or on D.
- Kathryn Pohran: solid o-line cutter. Will get open every time. Jr. Worlds '06
- Audrey St-Arnaud: was very strong at Jr. Worlds '06. Haven't seen much of her since, but considering that in '06 was her 1st or 2nd year of playing, I can only imagine how much better she's gotten.
- Jenny Lo: UBC, Jr Worlds '06. Has gotten better (and faster) than her jr. years. Plays a bigger role on her university team too. Speedy cutter.
- Robyn Fashler: UBC, Jr. Worlds '08. Tall cutter.
- Ditto for Rachel Moens, Erika Tucker, Tiff Lin, Andrea Cheng, Taylor Rusnak, and Jorden Meron

Sleeper picks:
- Julie Moens (she was good, from what I saw, on the Jr. Worlds '08 team, but with some more practice and coaching, she could really become a big threat. I haven't seen her play since though)
- Kaylee Sparks (Jr. Worls '08, uOttawa, Stella. Cutter.)
- Chantal Mayotte (uOttawa, Stella, Capitals. Cutter.)
- Sam Morris (uOttawa, Stella. Handler)
- Caitlind Lusty (impressed me on the Jr worlds team '08, but I haven't seen her play enough to make a full judgement)

andysiy said...

Myles sinclair and Timmy tsang
both young guns born in 91 but can run with the best

Cam said...

if 88s
aaron loach - furious george
tall, fast, big in the air

TB said...

Here's another few younger guys who are already very good players and could be alot better in a year or two.

Quin Rusnak - Mofo TC 08
Kyle Patrick- Dirt Guelph
Calum Mackenzie - Dirt Western
Josh Meron - GT Guelph

jordomeron said...

a couple other possibilities from the 08 jr girls team... depending on the age thing

Jess Circe.. can handle and cut (was o line on tc) and throws her body around like nobody's business. may have quit though?

Corine Masse... great defensive player, great initiator

Sammy Lovat... depending on ftiness!...I think she handled for chaos but cut on o line for tc, very versatile...

jordomeron said...

and I have a question... wouldn't it be more likely that this would go down in 2012, in conjunction with the other divisions?

jordomeron said...

and I have a question... wouldn't it be more likely that this would go down in 2012, in conjunction with the other divisions?

streeter said...

if we are talking 1988s

Jordan McPhee - starter.
Joel Bluman - solid o-line handler
Connery Noble - workhorse cutter

all played worlds in 06

Hodge said...

I'm sure no one has mentioned Anne Mercier on this yet!

tim tsang said...

kevin underhill
furious, uvic
didn't tryout for world juniors in 2008, but would have certainly made it. solid handler with great hustle.

jordomeron said...

andy siy, great o line handler. furious, uwo, tc 08, many, many jrs bc years.

snake meron said...

Guys out of Ontario:

Mark Lloyd (1989): GOAT, UWO; O-line cutter, big hucks, big ups

Cam Harris (1989): GOAT, Guelph; O-line cutter ala Lloyd

Adrian Yearwood (1988): GOAT, Tula; O-line handler, one of the quickest/fasters players in open ultimate

Dan Dantzig (1989): GOAT, Guelph;
D-line handler, great d on handler resets, inch for inch; great in the air

Andrew Carroll (1990): GOAT, Queens; D-line handler, real steady, great bids

Andrew Watts (1988): GT, UWO; D-line handler, skies like a 7 footer, ankle biter

Ryan Keyfitz (1988): GT, MAC; O-line handler, sweet breaks

Thomas Black (1989): GT, Guelph; O-line cutter, very versatile

Kielan Way (eligibe?): Phoenix, Carleton

jack said...

there is probably alot of guys on carleton ravens who deserve mention

lank89 said...

Well im assuming Kielan is an 87 birth year??

Rey mentioned above

Shaw Dungate is super athletic and every team needs good athletes...

Carl (no idea last name) apparently is the fastest improving player i have ever heard of, so he should be in the conversation

Joel B. played solid at CUUC so he too is a great player who should be mentioned.

Gorski is a solid player, really versatile i think. Handles and cuts effectively.

Not sure of all their ages or the ages of a lot of the other guys on that team

Rey said...

Reynaldo Arteaga is how u spell my name.
Karl Loiseau is 88' and is very atheletic and improving every tournament i play with him. played with Phoenix this past fall along with Carleton U.
Joel is 89', and great all around player, cannon flick.
Gorski is 86', also great all around, and just does some ridiculous plays.
just to add to mark's comment

Megs said...

Cam Harris
Thomas Black
Dan Dantzig
Jess Chen (DIRT, ? , UofG) ...very solid player, handler, knows the game well

Carl Hawkins - this might be the Carl you're talking about...DIRT '09..i'd agree

watts said...

that was a bold call on those young dirt players megs.

I nominate trevor henry. not only is he the fastest kid alive, but he's also a dominant defensive presence with a beast mark.

Also gotta second that Josh Meron call. the kid is 8 feet tall, an athletic freak and gets better every time we play.

snake meron said...

No, Karl plays for Carleton and Phoenix, not dirt. The guy's got turbo jets, still a little raw tho.

TB said...

watts, I dont know about either k/carl but Jess Chen is definitely someone to keep your eye on

Sport Management Steven said...

Mark, Reynaldo likes to be referred to by his street name- "Rey-Rey". And I too wonder how he feel through the national cracks in 2008. It says a lot about him and his mettle (and Colin Froats) that they had stronger club seasons that year than the 3 world junior guys.

Jordan, the reason why under 23 couldn't be held in 2012 is because it would take a lot of the club/open/womens/mixed and junior players from other divisions.

There might be a day when national teams really don't look at people under 23 (like Olympic hockey) but that is not the case at this time.

We probably need some more AB/SK/QC and East suggestions.

Teapot said...

Are there any big U-23 players in AB/SK?
Seems like Mangina's rookies are always around 30 years old.

kirsty said...

Katie Buck ('88) from Saskatoon - She played with Chaos this summer and has captained the USask women's team for a couple of years. Fast as hell, can run for days and will catch anything that you throw at her.

Pat and Cathy said...

Not to sound too biased, but Blackfish has a great core of up and coming young players that made the squad this past summer. They definiteky deserve a closer look;

Ken Lau - UBC, Blackfish
Derek Fenton - Blackfish
Graham Landon - Team Canada Juniors, UBC, Blackfish
Graeme Barber - UVic, Blackfish
Andrew Brear - Blackfish
Brandon Grant - Blackfish

rsun said...

i think only ken lau and graham landon can make the age cut. the rest are to old

rsun said...
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Eric St-Amant said...

Steven. You have to post something about the Grey Cup last night. I'm curious to hear what the vibe is in the west after such a dramatic end.

Daniel said...

Felix Daigle from Mephisto. The men's team should have at least one CUC Champion on it...

Mat said...

If it was a 2010 thing (even though it looks as though it wont be) Some mention should go to Bryce Ring of Carleton/Phoenix. Unselfish handler who will get open on anybody consistently, break the mark, and turn it over maybe once a season. Not really a risk taker but on an O-line of talent there's room for a guy like him to swing the disc and be consistent.
The Hype about Phoenix/Carleton player Karl Loiseau is definately true. In all likelyhood he's the fastest player under 23 in the sport. It's next to impossible to overthrow him. the rest of his game is great too just not as known. He would be an easy choice for the team.
Joel Bellevance from Barrie would be a sweet add on defence, even though he's been an O guy for a while.

For girls if it was in 2012 I could definately forsee the potential in Dom Rioux and Kaylee Sparks (Carleton, OttawaU) have them peak around then, making them not only capable of making such a team, but being a great duo on the field. They've been team mates since grade 9- Dom's a fast handler who has great hucks and hammers farther than all the dudes listed above, kaylee is a speester who wont quit on a disc.

Caitlind said...

WFDF is pleased to announce that it has awarded the rights to host the inaugural World U23 Ultimate Championships to the Federazione

Italiana Flying Disc (FIFD) to be held in Florence (Firenze), Italy in the week ending 25 July 2010. It is anticipated it will be a five or six day tournament ending on Sunday 25 July.

Sounds Pretty sweet. Check out the link below.

Merk said...
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Merk said...

If you're born in 1987 or later and are interested in the U23 championships, fill in this form:

we're getting a list going of potential interest and would love to add your name to it.